TAX, TAX, and MORE TAXES So That Government Can Spend and Spend and Spend!

The City of Freeport Annual Treasurer’s Report was published on October 25 in the Journal Standard. Since most people in the community will not even see it since they do not read the local newspaper, Good Day Illinois will take a look at this report. Today we will just look at the Revenue Summary. As has been pointed out before, the property tax is only a small portion of the total taxes and fees paid by residents of Freeport. Total revenue received by the City of Freeport is $37,542,646 and property taxes account for only $2,665,981 or about 7 %. Where does the rest come from? Fees and More Taxes! The following list contains some of the taxes imposed by the City of Freeport

Library Property Tax – $1,093,847 or about 3%

A few of the little special taxes imposed by the City:
Food & Beverage Tax – $593,700 (paid when you go out to eat)
Electric Tax – $461,408 (on your electric bill)
Natural Gas Tax – $311,368
Telephone Tax – $753,859
Cable Television Tax – $375,051 (no wonder those politicians like those high Comcast bills!)
Special Local Motor Fuel Tax – $241,051 (This in addition to $725,340 received from the State)

A few of the other big taxes:
General Sales Tax – $7,413,492 or about 20%
Water Capital Surcharge – $1,404,803 (look at your water will – that water tower is not free)
Income Tax – $2,425,802 or about 6%
Replacement Tax – $479,913
Special Use Tax – $407,316

These are just a few of the taxes imposed by the City of Freeport. You decide if you think you should pay more taxes! Next time your alderman talks about the city’s portion of real estate taxes being low, ask him about all the other taxes imposed by the city.


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