Bobby Schilling vs. Cheri Bustos – It’s Time for a Change!

What does Freeport have in common with Peoria and the Quad Cities? Nothing except that we are all represented by Cheri Bustos in Congress! When you turn on the television, who do you see discussing issues facing this country? Republican Adam Kinzinger who represents the 16th District which includes most of Rockford. What do you see Cheri Bustos doing? She’s serving ice cream at Union Dairy in Freeport which is her idea of jobs for Freeport.

When the Democrats in Springfield rewrote the congressional districts, they attempted to make sure that Northwest Illinois lost any effective representation in Congress. Bustos for the last two years has supported Obama’s destructive policies in Washington. She talks about jobs going overseas, but what is her record? When MetLife announced it was leaving Freeport and shipping jobs to another state – what did she do? Nothing! What has she done for Northwest Illinois. Nothing! Freeport and Northwest Illinois deserve someone who will represent all of the 17th Congressional District! Let’s give her a new job! She can work at Union dairy making ice cream cones. Bobby Schilling deserves the opportunity to represent Freeport and Northwest Illinois.

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