Enough of the Bushes and Clintons – America Needs New Faces and New Policies!


Hillary Clinton has announced that she is running for President, and Jeb Bush will probably be next.  Unfortunately, it looks like Clinton will have no real competition from within the Democratic Party.   On the Republican side it looks like Bush will have a lot of competition which is good for the country and the Republican Party.  Jeb Bush’s brother was no fiscal conservative, and his tax policies benefited the upper few per cent of this country and his friends on Wall Street.  The Democrats under Obama do not pretend to be fiscal conservatives.  The Obama fiscal policy is to tax more so they can spend more.   Here’s the sad part.  The Democratic Party and Republican Party in the past were not that different.   The real difference between the two parties is simple – the Democrats pretend they care about the middle class, but in actuality their policies promote the welfare state and contribute to the destruction of the middle class.  The Republicans in contrast do not even pretend to care about the middle class and have promoted policies that benefit the very wealthy of this country.   It’s about time America elected a leader who would promote policies that would help and not contribute to the destruction of the middle class.   One thing for sure, neither Clinton nor Bush is that leader!

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