Republican Debate on Fox News Channel Thursday Night at 8 PM Central Time – The Big Question – Will America Send Trump Back to Selling Ties?

The field is now set for the Republican debate on Thursday Night on Fox News Channel at 8:00 pm central time. 

Based on an average of the five most recent national polls, the candidates invited to be on stage for the prime time 8:00 pm central debate will be: Donald Trump (23.4%), Jeb Bush (12.0%), Scott Walker (10.2%), Mike Huckabee (6.6%), Ben Carson (5.8%), Ted Cruz (5.4%), Marco Rubio (5.4%), Rand Paul (4.8%), Chris Christie (3.4%) and John Kasich (3.2%).  

The second tier candidates invited to be on stage for the 4:00 pm central include: Rick Perry (1.8%), Rick Santorum (1.4%), Bobby Jindal (1.4%), Carly Fiorina (1.3%), Lindsey Graham (0.7%), George Pataki (0.6%) and Jim Gilmore (0.2%). 

See Fox News at

America elected a community organizer as President, so listen carefully because just about any one of the Republican candidates has better credentials to be President than Mr. Obama! 

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