Republican Establishment Record of Failure!

  What has the so called Republican establishment done for this country? It gave us George W. Bush and the never ending wars in the Middle East with no end in sight. It gave us trillions in debt as a result of the wars in the Middle East. It bailed out Wall Street and the big banks while the middle class started dying in 2007. But even worse it gave us Obama. The Republican establishment gave us McCain and Palin (remember I can see Russia!) to run the first time against Obama, and the second time against Obama they gave the country Romney (called 47% of the country welfare bums), a friend and part of the Wall Street establishment. Yes, by electing Obama the country repudiated the policies of Bush and the Republican establishment. Now the Republican establishment says Trump must be stopped. The Republican establishment does not care about conservative values, but it does care about Wall Street and the big banks. It’s okay to bail out Wall Street, but when millions were losing their homes, the Republican establishment said they never should have bought homes they could not afford. Teach them a lesson – let them lose their homes. The Republican establishment should not tell us who we should elect since the values of the Republican establishment are not the values of America. 

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