Good Day Illinois has solved Trump’s impasse with the Democratic leadership!


Trump will agree to reopening the government, and agrees to discuss the wall later if the Democratic leadership will sign the following.

 We the leaders of the Democratic Party agree to and believe in the following:

There should be no walls or fences on our southern border.  A line in sand on the southern border will be enough.  In fact, it will be called the Obama border line, and you know what that means. 

There should be no check points on the southern border since the border should be open to all who wish to come in.

Nancy Pelosi agrees to personally apologize to each family who has lost a loved one to an illegal alien.

Border patrol agents should give up their firearms, and be reassigned to leading the hordes of immigrants coming through Mexico to the United States.

Since the new Governor of California wants to open the borders, all immigrants arriving from Mexico will be housed at the expense California with temporary residences built for them in Sacramento, California.

And finally, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer will spend one month living in tents on the Arizona border with no armed protection or staff.

The democrats should have no problem signing this statement of beliefs because it is all true.  And finally, the democrats will get their wish, no money for the wall!

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