Memorial Day 2020 – A Sad Day in the History of the State of Illinois

Memorial Day is day to honor soldiers who who died in the service of our country so that we could remain a free people.  Unfortunately, if you live in Illinois, you have lost your rights as citizen of this country giving them to Dictator Pritzker who is now ruling the state with an iron hand by executive orders.  The members of the Illinois House and Senate should be ashamed of themselves since they have abdicated their duties to the citizens of this State.  Fortunately, it appears there is one Clay County, Illinois Circuit Judge who is not afraid to be critical of the despotic tactics of Dictator Pritzker.  His opinion should be wake-up call to the citizens of this State.  The Judge states the following in his opinion about the defendant, Governor Pritzker:

The defendant in this case orders you to stay home and pronounces that, if you leave the state, you are putting people in danger, but his family members traveled to Florida and Wisconsin because he deems such travel essential. One initial rationale why the rules don’t apply to him is that his family family farm had animals that needed fed. Try selling that argument to farmers who have had to slaughter their herds because of disruption in the supply chain.

When laws do not apply to those who make them, people are not being governed, they are being ruled.  Make no mistake, these executive orders are not laws.  They are royal decrees.  Illinois citizens are not being governed, they are being ruled. The last time I checked Illinois citizens are also Americans and Americans don’t get ruled. The last time a monarch tried to rule Americans, a shot was fired that was heard around the world.

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