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A Christmas Present From The Tampa Bay Lightning – We Don’t Give a Damn About the Public!

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f09/53155056/files/2014/12/img_3636.jpgIt was reported in the Tampa Bay Times that a when member of the National Hockey League team suffered from a stomach virus, the team member with the virus flew separately from the team (the team must fly on a charter) to Pittsburg on a commercial flight. This way the team member would not contaminate the whole team. That’s nice. Just protect the hockey team and to hell with the other 150 passengers packed in like cattle at the back of the plane. This story is too much to believe. In the spirit of the season professional sports are in class of their own – but what is new!
See the article at http://www.tampabay.com/sports/hockey/lightning/mumps-afflicting-nhl-hard-to-control/2211030