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Democrats Want to Legalize Marijuana Use!

Chicago Democrats want a task force appointed to study the issue of marijuana use with the goal of introducing legislation to legalize and regulate the recreational use of marijuana. Colorado has already done it. Illinois, being the progressive state that it is, does not want to be left far behind. We have video poker machines in the bars, and coming soon will be marijuana smoke houses with video machines. What a state we live in! Those Chicago Democrats know what is important. In the future with all of the new income from marijuana taxes, our legislators will have more even money to waste. You can be sure your taxes will not go down! If you are a Chicago Democrat, it is a compliment to be called a “pot head.” How times have changed!

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While They Laugh at Freeport in Rockford, Freeport City Council at special meeting on April 14 passes resolution begging Governor to expand passenger service to Freeport and Galena.

Freeport is “temporarily out luck” as characterized by Freeport hater and columnist Chuck Sweeny for the Rockford Register Star. What Mr. Sweeny really meant to say – screw you Freeport. You will get rail service just like you got a four lane road to Dubuque! Rockford knows that Freeport, at least prior to Mayor Gitz, had weak and ineffective leadership. We all see the results. Perhaps, Rockford will send the Freeport City Council complimentary tickets for the first train from Rockford to Chicago in 2015. I am sure under the leadership of Alderman Tom Klemm that the rest of the gang of eight will adopt a resolution thanking Rockford for the complimentary tickets! Perhaps, they can get a few extra tickets and invite Columnist Chuck Sweeny to lead the Freeport delegation along with former Freeport Mayor, George Gaulrapp.

By the way there is a Freeport City Council meeting on Monday, April 21 at 6:00 pm at 524 W. Stephenson St., third floor. It will be televised on Comcast Channel 17.

Items of Interest:

Proclamation regarding “Comcast Cares Day” on April 26.

Memorandum regarding start date of new Community Development Director – April 28 instead of April 21.

Resolution for engineering services with Fehr Graham for portion of Jane Addams Trail. Fee will be cost plus about $133,000. Once the trail is done, you can ride your bicycle to Rockford to catch the train to Chicago. Perhaps, Freeport and Rockford can get together and establish warming stations for winter travel on the trail. With the trail, Freeport doesn’t really need train service to Chicago!

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Quinn in Office Five Years Courtesy of Blagojevich – On Wednesday, January 29 He Gave His State of Illinois Speech – And We All Know the Condition of this State!

20140129-223041.jpgQuinn talks about building the middle class like his friends in Washington when he and his political associates in Springfield and Washington through their misguided policies are destroying the middle class. Lets look at Quinn’s accomplishments and goals:

67% increase in state income tax and he wants more

Proposes reducing fee for filing as a limited liability company from $500 to $39. At the present time fee is among the highest in the country. Quinn’s philosophy – give the people a crumb – one reduction for every ten increases whether it be court filing fees, license fees, or various tax increases. And don’t bet on the reduction passing the legislature! Not enough to make Illinois a “business friendly” state since once a business is formed in this state, Illinois makes it difficult to stay in business.
Pension reform – not enough and unlikely to survive the challenge from the public employee unions

Increase the state minimun wage from $8.25 an hour to at least $10.00 – he must be talking to Obama

These are just a few of his “accomplishments.” Now let’s look at the real state of this state!

Economic Performance – Illinois ranks 47 (50=worse)

Economic Outlook – Illinois ranks 48 (50=worse)

One Real Accomplishment – Quinn and associates are driving people out of Illinois. Domestic migration – Illinois ranks 48. From 2002 to 2011 Illinois lost 627,630 residents and they are still leaving!

For details see 2013 Alec-Laffer State Economic Competivieness Index

And the real joke – Quinn plans to run again for governor and the sad part is that only in Illinois could he possibly be re-elected!