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It Time Our Politicians in Springfield Take The 67% Pledge!

The Illinois Legislature adjourned with no action on taxes. Obviously, they did not want to vote for a tax increase prior to the election. After the last election, the Legislature came back into session led by Governor Quinn and increased the state’s income tax by 67%. How stupid do our representatives think we are? The answer my friend is written in the waste pit they call Springfield – damn stupid. After the next election, we could have a new Governor and few new people in the legislature making passage of a tax increase more difficult. Never fear, they have a plan just like last time. They will reconvene the legislature after the election. The 67% income tax increase will be made permanent. Any spending cuts and reductions in public employee benefits will be rescinded.

It’s time for the people of this state to wake up – make the legislators of this state take the 67% Pledge. No tax increases and no new legislation after the election by a lame duck legislature. They must promise to deal with the issues facing this state after the new legislature and governor are sworn in. Of course, this is this Illinois. Most of them will refuse to take the pledge. Integrity and honesty are not a characteristic of most Illinois politicians. When they refuse to take the pledge, Illinois voters will know the type of representatives they are dealing with and can vote accordingly.