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If Non-Resident City Employees Are So Great for the City of Freeport – Let’s Publicize It!

 I’m just glad the new Community Development can live in Orangeville Illinois, and does not have to contribute any tax money to Freeport. He can take our money up to Orangeville where they can put it to good use. As other non-resident City employees say – “I can’t afford to live in Freeport – I want my family in a safe location, and anyway the real estate taxes are just too high.” Oh, by the way, where does the Freeport Chief of Police live?

It’s Fall in Northwest Illinois and Soon The Harvest Will Begin – Let’s Exercise Care on the Roads!

 In Northwest Illinois we always must share the roads with farm machinery, but this is particularly true during harvest season. Remember that farm machinery travels much slower than normal traffic, so be prepared to slow down to avoid crashes when you see farm equipment or when travelling in rural areas. 

Freeport City Council Meeting Monday, September 21 – New Community Development Director to Be Voted On – The Big Question – Where Will He Live?

  The Freeport City Council will be meeting on Monday, September 21 at 6:00 pm at 524 W. Stephenson Street, 3rd Floor. You can watch it live on Comcast Channel 17. 

Some items of interest on the agenda:

Appointment of Alexander S. Mills as Community Development Director to be voted on by Council. This vote was originally scheduled for the special meeting on September 14, but was postponed since Alderperson Klemm was absent from the special meeting. Since Klemm usually has nothing contructive to add to any meeting, his vote must be needed to support the confirmation of this individual. It’s too bad Klemm doesn’t work for his constituents in the 1st Ward with the same enthusiam he shows for the Mayor’s appointments.   

2nd Reading of Ordinance to issue 2.5 million in bonds mainly to finance work on library for its transition to the new city hall. Also, includes some money for repairs to the old city hall builidng pending a decision on its disposition.

For the complete agenda go to

CITY OF FREEPORT – YOU ARE ON NOTICE – Woodside Drive a Death Trap!

  Woodside Drive and the adjacent streets of Woodside Kort and Woodside Circle have deteriorated to the point that they are no longer safe. Trees and weeds are growing to the edge of the road. In places there are absolutely no shoulders. In fact, in several areas there are severe drop offs from the edge of the road. In one area on one of the curves if you go off the edge of the road, you will drop several feet and then your vehicle will roll into a ravine possibly killing the occupants. Imagine driving this road in the winter! As an interim measure these streets should be posted as follows:

Local Traffic Only – No through traffic to Krape Park or Fairgrounds Road

No Joggers – absolutely unsafe for joggers due to non-existent road shoulders, and extreme curves limiting visibility. Joggers with impunity run down the middle of the road. Sometimes they run three abreast down Woodside Drive. I guess that means it is not fit to drive on, but it’s perfect for joggers. They should do their jogging in Krape Park or elsewhere, but not on Woodside Drive.  

Watch out for Deer – Herds of deer are all over the road day and night! Not only have they destroyed trees, flowers, and shrubs in the area, but are a danger to vehicles in the area. If you hit one of the deer, your vehicle will not only be seriously damaged, but you could be killed as result of the impact.  

In the winter, there should be special signs on Woodside Drive – FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES ONLY (due to limited snow removal on many occasions).

Freeport will not be able to hide behind the Tort Immunity Act if someone is injured in this area – YOU ARE ON NOTICE!

The City has no excuses – ask the Finance Director. The City has all of the money it needs to repair this street and do anything else it wants to do. As she stated on September 14, 2015, Freeport is a home rule City which means it can tax its citizens with reckless abandon. NO MORE EXCUSES FREEPORT – ASK YOUR FINANCE DIRECTOR FOR THE MONEY!

Freeport City Council Special Meeting September 14, 2015 – New Community Development Director Appointment on Agenda

  The Freeport City Council will hold a special meeting on Monday, September 14 at 5:30 pm at 524 W. Stephenson Street, 3rd Floor. You probably can watch it live on Comcast Channel 17. 
Mayor Gitz is submitting to the Council for approval as Community Development Director, Alexander S. Mills. It appears that he presently is Village President of Orangville, Illinois, lives in that community, and works as a consulting Aborist. See LinkedIn profile. I have a feeling that Kenneth Ward who is on the Stephenson County Board is not a friend of Mr. Mills.  

See Mr.Mills also was critical of Robert Becker. See 

In any case if his appointment is ratified, Mr. Mills will have pretty big shoes to fill.

For the complete agenda for this meeting go to


One World Trade Arising From the Ruins of 9/11

  Time passes and we soon forget those who died. Time passes and we soon forget who killed our fellow Americans. And the worst part, American leadership today is not addressing the challenges and threats facing this country from the same people who attacked us on 9/11. 
To relive that day go to

One good thing happened on September 11th…HAPPY 89th BIRTHDAY JACK SWARD of Freeport, Illinois!!!

Fall Is Here and It’s Time Again for Pretzel City Brewfest in Downtown Freeport, Illinois!

 This is a craft beer tasting with food vendors at the corner of Douglas and Chicago (next to the post office). In addition to the beer and food, there will entertainment by Bryan Popp and Corey Jenny. For more information and tickets go to

Have A Great Labor Day Weekend – Enjoy Art In The Park on Sunday, September 6

 From 10 to 5 pm at Krape Park, Freeport, Illinois join the Freeport Park District and the Freeport Art Museum as they welcome back the 8th annual, award winning, Art in the Park. Stroll the walks and view the fine art on display by local and regional artists. Purchase a wonderful new piece of artwork to take home with you! Listen as local performing artists take the stage throughout the day. Partake in creative hands-on activities with the kids, and celebrate with some great food. 

For details go to