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Your Vote Does Make a Difference – Be Sure to Vote Tomorrow!

Government is like a business. The voters are the shareholders. Imagine that you own stock in a business that is on the verge of bankruptcy. Would you want a change in the management of the business, or would you vote for the same management to continue its failed policies? A business goes bankrupt and you just lose your investment. When government continually outspends its income, what does government do? The answer is simple – Just keep raising taxes to cover the failed policies. Are the voters of Illinois ready to ratify the failed polices of Governor Quinn, or are they ready to at least elect someone who will attempt to address the problems facing the State of Illinois? The answer should be obvious, but then this is Illinois where Governors only leave office and the State to go to prison.

Governor Quinn Finally Does Something Right – Signs Bill Allowing Illinois Residents to Keep Driver’s Licenses After Routine Traffic Violations!

Governor Quinn on August 9 signed a new law effective immediately to end the practice of posting a valid driver‘s license as security for traffic citations in Illinois. It’s about time Illinois started treating its residents like most other states where drivers can sign for a ticket keeping their driver’s licenses. Governor Quinn previously signed a bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain Illinois driver’s licenses. If you are an al-Qaeda terrorist in this country illegally, it’s nice to know that you can get a driver’s license in Illinois – and can keep it after a traffic ticket so that you will have valid government ID when you fly next time!

Black Bears Invade Northwest Illinois – Governor Quinn Blames Wisconsin!

Black bears have been spotted in Freeport, Stockton, and now Rockford, Illinois. The bears are migrating from our northern neighbor, Wisconsin. There have not been any black bears in Illinois since 1870. Do you really believe that they decided to come to Illinois on their own? The answer is a resounding NO. Wisconsin Governor Walker and his Republican friends to the north by their tax policies gave the State of Wisconsin a decisive tax advantage over their high tax friends to the south. To further drive residents and businesses out of Illinois, Wisconsin has been secretly forcing black bears south into Illinois.

Mayor Morrissey of Rockford, Illinois stated – “It’s difficult enough to attract residents and businesses to Rockford when you look at the economic policies of this state, and now you cannot even go out at night without the threat of black bears attacking you.” Governor Quinn to his credit did say that if there are any bear attacks in the area, he would consider mobilizing the National Guard. Bruce Rauner, his Republican opponent in this fall’s election, stated that in order to encourage economic development he would recommend tax credits for bear processing plants if they would relocate to northwest Illinois.

For more information provided by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, go to

Click to access bearpractice.pdf

While They Laugh at Freeport in Rockford, Freeport City Council at special meeting on April 14 passes resolution begging Governor to expand passenger service to Freeport and Galena.

Freeport is “temporarily out luck” as characterized by Freeport hater and columnist Chuck Sweeny for the Rockford Register Star. What Mr. Sweeny really meant to say – screw you Freeport. You will get rail service just like you got a four lane road to Dubuque! Rockford knows that Freeport, at least prior to Mayor Gitz, had weak and ineffective leadership. We all see the results. Perhaps, Rockford will send the Freeport City Council complimentary tickets for the first train from Rockford to Chicago in 2015. I am sure under the leadership of Alderman Tom Klemm that the rest of the gang of eight will adopt a resolution thanking Rockford for the complimentary tickets! Perhaps, they can get a few extra tickets and invite Columnist Chuck Sweeny to lead the Freeport delegation along with former Freeport Mayor, George Gaulrapp.

By the way there is a Freeport City Council meeting on Monday, April 21 at 6:00 pm at 524 W. Stephenson St., third floor. It will be televised on Comcast Channel 17.

Items of Interest:

Proclamation regarding “Comcast Cares Day” on April 26.

Memorandum regarding start date of new Community Development Director – April 28 instead of April 21.

Resolution for engineering services with Fehr Graham for portion of Jane Addams Trail. Fee will be cost plus about $133,000. Once the trail is done, you can ride your bicycle to Rockford to catch the train to Chicago. Perhaps, Freeport and Rockford can get together and establish warming stations for winter travel on the trail. With the trail, Freeport doesn’t really need train service to Chicago!

For a complete agenda go to

Click to access A20140421.pdf

Rockford Gets Rail Service to Chicago – Freeport Gets Nothing as Usual!

Illinois Map

When will Freeport wake up?

Rockford doesn’t give a damn if Freeport gets rail service.

Governor Quinn doesn’t care about Freeport – not enough votes.

Our Congresswoman Bustos doesn’t care about Freeport – She can get elected without Freeport’s help. Talk about an ineffective representative for our part of Illinois.

The Journal Standard, Freeport’s local newspaper, had an article on April 11 by Chuck Sweeny, a columnist for the Rockford Register Star (both owned by the same company) announcing that rail service would just go to Rockford. No service to Freeport. It just stated the facts. Then you should read Sweeny’s column in the Rockford newspaper. He wrote a column praising Governor Quinn saying about Quinn “He made service to Rockford a top priority and followed through.” One story for Freeport and Praise Quinn story for Rockford. Chuck Sweeny is no friend of Freeport or Northwest Illinois west of Rockford. Freeport should wake up.

Rockford is a “user.” When they want something, they talk about regional cooperation. That should end. It should begin with Chicago Rockford “International” Airport. A nice little airport with third rate air service. Shop in Rockford? Every time you go to Rockford your life is on the line with its high crime rate As long as you are driving, you might as will continue to Woodfield with real stores. Yes, Rockford has played the rest of Northwest Illinois for fools for years – AND THAT MUST END.