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And Mayor Gitz Said Let There Be Sound – and There Was Still No Sound!

As reported on Good Day Illinois, there was no sound at the Freeport City Council meeting on September 16 for those who were attempting to watch it on Comcast Channel 17. These meetings are rebroadcast on the following Monday at 6:00 pm for those who miss them. If you watched the rebroadcast on September 23, there was sound! At the beginning of the meeting, Alderman Koester’s wife called him advising him there was no sound for those watching the meeting on Channel 17. This was brought to the attention of Mayor Gitz who ignored the remark doing nothing. If you watched the meeting, it was obvious why he does not want sound!
Will this be a repeat of the last eight years when people complained and nothing was done?


It’s Homecoming Weekend for Most Schools – So You Can Plan Your Weekend, Here’s a List of High School Games for Friday, September 27:

Boylan (4-0) at Freeport (1-3) Homecoming – 7:15 pm

Polo (2-2) at Aquin (3-1) Homecoming – 7:00

Eastland-Pearl City (4-0) at Lena-Winslow (3-1) Homecoming – 7:15 pm

Warren (0-4) at Orangeville (2-2) Homecoming – 7:00 pm

Stockton (4-0) at East Dubuque (3-1) – 7:30 pm

Forreston (4-0) at Durand (0-4) Homecoming – 7:30 pm

Milledgeville (1-3) at River Ridge (3-1) – 7:00 pm

South Beloit (1-3) at Galena (2-2) Homecoming – 7:30 pm

Dakota (1-3) at West Carroll (Savana) (0-4) – 7:30 pm

Football Forecast for Friday, September 27 – Should be a beautiful night for football. 70’s during the day and lower 60’s by end of games. Low chance of rain.


Case of the Week – Sad But True Story – Overstuffed Grocery Bag Breaks, Can Falls on Toe, Breaks and Cuts Toe, Toe Becomes Infected, and Person Dies

A lawsuit filed by a Nebraska man claims his wife would still be alive if a Wal-Mart employee had not overstuffed her grocery bag. The suit says the grocery bag broke as his wife was walking to the car. The groceries fell on her toe, breaking it and causing a deep cut. The cut led to an infection, which spread throughout her body and caused her death, the suit claims. The suit also targeted the maker and distributor of the plastic bags. It claims Wal-Mart was negligent in the training of employees who bag groceries, and that the defendants provided a defective grocery bag. For details see an article in the Lincoln Journal Star.

Freeport City Council Members Want iPads – Not Solution to the Basic Problems with this Council

iPads in principal are a good idea, but they will not help solve the basic issues before this Council. The majority of council members are either incapable or do not care about taking the time to address the issues facing the City of Freeport. Whether proposed ordinances and other issues to be addressed are on paper or on an iPad, it makes no difference if they cannot or do not read them. On balance it should save money since paper is expensive. Of course, the City will probably hire consultants to teach them how to use the iPads and that will cost the City a few thousand dollars! Then some members will still not be able to use them, and the City can send them to remedial courses at iPad University.


Which School Would You Rather Attend? Or Who Hates the Badgers!

An article in the Huff Post on the 17 colleges with the best professors rates the University of Wisconsin-Madison number five. In the article there are pictures of each of the 17 campuses. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. In this article it shows four students during a snow storm. Other pictures such as that of Vanderbilt shown here depict other campuses in a favorable light. A good example of fair and balanced reporting!

For the article go to



Watch How You Dress in Jefferson County, Illinois!

The Sheriff of Jefferson County, Illinois (county seat Mount Vernon) says courthouse visitors should wear proper dress. Visitors should not come to the courthouse wearing cut-offs, shorts, house slippers, tank tops, muscle shirts, halter tops, mesh shirts, hats or do-rags, pajama tops or bottoms, and clothing with inappropriate or offensive logos, pictures or writing. Clothing should also be worn correctly and as designed, the Sheriff says. I guess that means Hulk Hogan, the wrestling superstar, better stay out of Jefferson County!


Looks Like a Nice Weekend for Football!

High School Football Games Tonight:

Freeport (1-2) at East (0-3) – 7:15 pm
Aquin (2-1) at East Dubuque (3-0) – 7:30 pm
W. Carroll (0-3) at Lena-Winslow (2-1) – 7:30 pm
A-FC (3-0) at Stockton (3-0) – 7:30 pm
River Ridge (2-1) at Orangeville (2-1) – 7:00 pm
Durand (0-3) at South Beloit (0-3) – 7:30 pm
Forreston (3-0) at Warren (0-3) – 7:30 pm
Polo (1-2) at Milledgeville (1-2) – 7:30 pm
Galena (2-1) at Eastland-Pearl City (3-0) 7:15 pm

Saturday Games:

Dakota (1-2) at Fisher (3-0) – 2:00 pm

Football Forecast for Friday, September 20 – Will be in mid 60’s at game time and by the end the game upper 50’s. No rain predicted.


“A Closer Walk with Patsy Cline” at the Winneshiek Playhouse – It Is Fantastic According to All Reviews!

The nation’s oldest continuous amateur theatre located at 228 W. Clark, Freeport, Illinois has a musical tribute to Patsy’s spirit and a celebration of her music. Now you can relive all of the passion, drama, glamour and songs of country music’s greatest legend. Hear all of your favorites like Crazy, Sweet Dreams, Walkin’ After Midnight, Leavin’ On Your Mind, She’s Got You and many more. Patsy Cline is Played by Michelle Borgmann.
7:30 pm, September 19 – 21, $15. (815-232-7023)

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Attention Freeport Residents – If Your Real Estate Taxes Are Too High Because Your Property Is Valued Higher Than Its Market Value – You Must Act Now – If your Property Assessment Is Too Low, You Do Not Live in Freeport!

If you live in Freeport, you must file your appeal with the Board of Review by October 11, 2013. For many in Freeport, property values have fallen and assessments have not been lowered. You will not receive a notice unless your assessment has been changed. Watch out! Most assessments have not been lowered over the last few years while property values have plummeted.

Residential Complaint forms available at

The bureaucrats in Illinois do not make it easy to complain about your taxes. It is a time consuming process and the Freeport Assessor will fight you every step of the way.
The picture is the new Freeport Township Offices which now is the subject of litigation at taxpayer expense. Wow that takes a lot of nerve. Buy a building and then litigate whether they had the authority to purchase it!