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Bunch of Whiners Running for President!

 I’ve never seen such a bunch of whiners than some of the Republican candidates for President. The old expression “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen,” would certainly apply to some of the candidates. There is another debate Tuesday night, November 10, on the Fox News Channel at 8:00 pm CT. The good news is that some of the questions have been leaked to Good Day Illinois, and few of them are as follows:
Maria Bartiromo for Mr. Trump: Mr. Trump, everyone knows that you have done a fantastic job in the private sector building an empire worth billions. And when you are elected President as everyone knows you should be, do you think you can do as terrific a job as you have done in the private sector? Before you answer, I just want to say I like your hair. Could you tell the women of America what hair products you would recommend?  

Gerard Baker for Dr. Carson: Perhaps, it would be more appropriate for me to refer to you as Dr. Brilliant. You were an accomplished neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins. We all know you will treat the American people with the same respect and caring that you showed to your patients. Are you ready to trade in you white coat for a business suit to take care of American people like you did the children under your care at Johns Hopkins? Do you want to be called “Mr. President” or would you prefer to be called “America’s Doctor?”

Neil Cavuto for Gov. Huckabee: Before I ask you a question, I just want to tell you that I thought you were wonderful on your TV program at Fox. If you can be as good President as you were on your TV program, this country will benefit greatly from your wisdom. Now, tell the American people why you are making this financial sacrifice quitting your TV show to save America?

Gerard Baker for Gov. Bush and Senator Rubio: You two used to be good friends, and I’m sure you both want to be friends again. So I propose that you two make up before we ask either of you any questions. Shake hands and hug each other. Could we get Rev. Huckabee to say little prayer of reconciliation? At the same time, the rest of you candidates could form a circle around Bush and Rubio, all hold hands, and sing Kumbaya. What a sight!

 Yes. it looks like it will be quite a debate. It will be just like watching reruns of The Waltons or Little House on the Prairie with Grey’s Anatomy thrown in. What a night it will be! By the way goodnight John Boy, goodnight Donald, goodnight Ben, goodnight Jeb, and buenas noches Marco!

Verbal Agreement or Not – It’s Wrong! 

 If a city or other government employee enters into a verbal agreement which violates the law, is it enforceable? It would even be worse if that city employee knew that the agreement violated the law, and is enriched personally as a result of the knowing violation. Let’s assume the city employee is the chief legal counsel for the city, and creates a special exception for the city’s legal counsel contrary to the city’s ordinances. Is such conduct acceptable from ethical stand point much less from a legal stand point? You be the judge. The level of corruption in the State of Illinois, real or perceived, is beyond belief. It starts with city governments, goes to the county level, and then ends up at the State level. Let’s be honest and face the facts. Freeport and Stephenson County are not the exception to the Illinois rule: Corruption is ok – just don’t’ get caught.