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Case of the Week – Sad But True Story – Overstuffed Grocery Bag Breaks, Can Falls on Toe, Breaks and Cuts Toe, Toe Becomes Infected, and Person Dies

A lawsuit filed by a Nebraska man claims his wife would still be alive if a Wal-Mart employee had not overstuffed her grocery bag. The suit says the grocery bag broke as his wife was walking to the car. The groceries fell on her toe, breaking it and causing a deep cut. The cut led to an infection, which spread throughout her body and caused her death, the suit claims. The suit also targeted the maker and distributor of the plastic bags. It claims Wal-Mart was negligent in the training of employees who bag groceries, and that the defendants provided a defective grocery bag. For details see an article in the Lincoln Journal Star.

Attention Business Owners – Another Reason Why Businesses Are Leaving Illinois

The Third Appellate District Court in Illinois has found that an employee was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for a wrist fracture as a result of a fall on or near her residence. The employee fell on a snowy sidewalk going to a van after eating her lunch at her own home. The van was owned by her employer who let her take it home. Case is sad but true. No wonder no one wants to be in business in Illinois. Private and public employers who let employees take vehicles home should look at this case. It would take the Illinois Legislature or the Illinois Supreme Court to correct this result in the future. Don’t bet on it! Milynarczyk v. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission