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How Many Times Must the Voters of Stephenson County Say NO?


 The answer is simple.   If there are not changes on the Freeport School Board, this question will be put on the ballot at every election until it is passed.    Vote NO and then vote for changes on the Freeport School Board.   Tell the candidates that Freeport cannot afford a higher sales tax or higher property taxes.  To make matters even worse, the City of Freeport led by Alderman Tom Klemm and Shawn Boldt would also like to see the City’s portion of the sales tax increased . More taxes are not the solution to every problem.  Taxing bodies must live within their means.  

When Does NO Not Mean NO? Ask The Freeport School District!

2015/01/img_3777.jpgIn March of 2014 the voters of Stephenson County soundly rejected a 1% increase in the sales tax on the people of Stephenson County for the benefit of school districts in the county with Freeport School District being the biggest beneficiary of this tax increase. The administrators (some now gone) at Freeport District promoted this tax with the support of some members of the school board who will also soon be gone. Now the Freeport School Board has voted to put the question of raising the sales tax 1% on the ballot again. No wonder our schools are in such bad shape when the administration does not know the meaning of the word “NO.” The administrators in the school district tell us that property taxes will go down. What a joke! Give the Freeport District more money, and they will just spend more. Now what is really sad about this whole mess is that those bureaucrats running the Freeport School District will be out promoting this tax at our expense. We are paying them to destroy this community. They have millions of dollars at their disposal and hundreds of employees to help them promote this tax. Administrators come and go, but taxes once levied are never reduced. There is only one truth in government – give them more money and they will spend it!

Freeport School District 145 Uses Public Funds to Promote Proposition on Ballot to Raise the Sales Tax 1%



The mailing to the households in the District a few days before the election is a blatant attempt by this District to influence the election on Tuesday.   The superintendent and her cohorts through this mailing misrepresent and distort the facts.   This mailing does not even attempt to educate the public in an unbiased way presenting both sides of the issue. 

When did appointed administrators have the right to tell us at our expense how we should vote?

Shame on the School Board for permitting such conduct.

Here’s the Illinois Statute dealing with election interference.   You decide if the law has been violated!

§ 10 ILCS 5/9-25.1. Election interference

    (a) As used in this Section, “public funds” means any funds appropriated by the Illinois General Assembly or by any political subdivision of the State of Illinois.

    (b) No public funds shall be used to urge any elector to vote for or against any candidate or proposition, or be appropriated for political or campaign purposes to any candidate or political organization. This Section shall not prohibit the use of public funds for dissemination of factual information relative to any proposition appearing on an election ballot, or for dissemination of information and arguments published and distributed under law in connection with a proposition to amend the Constitution of the State of Illinois.

   (c) The first time any person violates any provision of this Section, that person shall be guilty of a Class B misdemeanor. Upon the second or any subsequent violation of any provision of this Section, the person violating any provision of this Section shall be guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.


School District 145, Freeport, Illinois Cannot Be Trusted – District Says Vote on March 18 for a 1% Sales Tax Increase and Your Property Taxes Will Go Down – Believe It and I have Winning Lottery Ticket to Sell You!

Freeport School District 145 is spearheading an effort to add an additional 1% to the sales tax to benefit schools in Stephenson County. Freeport’s District, being the largest, would benefit the most from the additional tax. If passed, the additional tax would raise the Freeport rate to 9.25%. Statements by officials of this District carry no legal weight. Reduce your property taxes one year and double them next year – that is the bureaucratic way. The superintendent and her assistants will move on to their next victim after the Freeport School District has been irreparably harmed. Freeport is a failing district, and more money is not the answer. Let’s spend more time educating the children of this District (not figuring out how to avoid making up “cold” days), and worry less about how you can raise more money from the already overtaxed citizens of this community.

The Good and the Bad – People, organizations, governmental agencies, and taxing bodies which deserve special recognition. This Month the Bad – Freeport (Illinois) School District 145!

Freeport School District Has A Lot in Common With The Politicians in Springfield – The Solution to Every Problem Is More Taxes!

Real Estate Taxes in the City of Freeport are some of the highest in the country with the rate going up each year. Ask your local politicians about the rate for next year.

The school districts in Stephenson County led by Freeport want another 1% added to the sales tax so Freeport will be 9%. Spend $10 and pay almost $1 in taxes! They say it will be used to pay off existing bonds. A sales tax increase is only justified if there is a corresponding decrease in real estate taxes dollar for dollar – and that must be guaranteed which is joke. Give the bureaucrats running the school districts more money, and they will just spend more money. Schools in the Freeport District received failing grades since not one grade met state averages, and has the lowest graduation rate of school districts in Stephenson, Carroll, and Jo Daviess Counties. So much for more money for failing schools. More money is not the answer.

The Freeport School District has already announced it is increasing its levy 1.83% and that an owner of $100,000 residence will pay an additional $120 more in real estate taxes!

Yes, Freeport School District is recognized this month for consistently raising our real estate taxes and now it wants a special sales tax to raise even more money. Perhaps, it will request a special exit tax on everyone leaving the community until no one remains! True bureaucrats don’t care as long as they get paid – since they can just move on to their next victim when a community is destroyed.

For more details and to compare this district to schools in other districts go to http://fh.suntimes.com/reportcards/search/index

Florida Sales Tax Holiday for School Supplies and Clothes!

While Florida has a sales tax holiday this weekend where you pay no sales tax on school supplies and clothes, Illinois politicians are busy thinking of new ways to tax the citizens of this state. When will they learn? High taxes are not the answer.