Monthly Archives: February 2021

Where Have All of My Snow Days Gone?

When I was in school, you always wanted big snows so the school district would call off school.  Well, COVID-19 has just destroyed another time-honored tradition in this country, the SNOW DAY!  Now, when there is a big snow, the school districts just declare that it will be a virtual learning day.  The kids will all have a good time at home in front of their computers, and most of them will learn very little.  Enough is enough.  Covid has changed our lives drastically, and many of the things we enjoy will never be the same.   Let’s not take away the SNOW DAY.   We all suffer enough with our cold Midwestern winters, but the one thing that was good living in the Midwest as child was the SNOW DAY.  They are doing nothing worthwhile in Springfield, so perhaps the legislature can take the lead.   There should be a law in Illinois that when it snows there will be no virtual learning days, only official SNOW DAYS.   Oh well, I guess one can dream!  Life after Covid will never be the same.