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Those Players at Northwestern May Be Too Smart for Their Own Good – Let’s Looks Into the Future and See What Will Happen When Student Athletes Unionize.


Players on the men’s badminton team at Conch Shell University, a prestigious east coast Florida school, recently voted to join the Union of College Badminton Players (UCBP). Tuition at Conch Shell is $40,000 per year. Badminton is not revenue producing sport, and in fact it costs the university money each year to fund this sport. The first offer to the union is $55,000 per year – that is each badminton player must pay the university this amount each year for the privilege of playing on the badminton team.

Basketball players at the same university have unionized and are paid $75,000 per year with $40,000 going towards tuition. Conch Shell has high admission standards and most students are in the upper 5% of those taking the SAT. The Supreme Court has ruled based on the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution that basketball players must meet the same academic qualifications as other entering students. As a result, the basketball program is now losing money since they have not had a winning record in the last five years. The best players go to other schools with lower admission standards, and higher payments to athletes. Conch Shell University is now considering abolishing all of its sports programs. So much for unionization of college sports. >

Packer Fans Don’t Care – They Want to Watch the Bears Play Today (Sunday Nov 10)!

Packers (Philadelphia) and Bears (Detroit) play today on Fox at 12:00 pm. Of course, if you Packer fans have Comcast, no game for you! Remember, as of October 16, the Madison station which showed Packer games was deleted from the Comcast channel line up in Freeport! The City of Freeport receives $375,000 in cable television taxes from Comcast.


You Pay for Comcast – No Chicago Bears for You Tonight Unless You Pay Extra for NFL Network!

Good Day Illinois reports from another state and city tonight where the NFL Channel is included. Soon Comcast will drop the Madison Channel so you will not get the Packer games. The City of Freeport does nothing since it has granted Comcast exclusive cable rights in Freeport. You pay big fees for Comcast and the City gets big franchise fees. No wonder the City does nothing. Anyway, good night from another state. Back to the game!


Goodbye Packers – If You Have Comcast – No More Packer Games After October 16 – Enjoy the Game Today!

When the Packers and Bears play at the same time on FOX, you will not be able to watch the Packer game on the FOX Channel (WMSN) in Madison. The FOX Channel in Madison will be dropped by Comcast in Freeport as of October 16. Don’t worry Comcast will replace it. The rumor is they are adding a new channel devoted to Polo matches in Abu Dhabi – a sure hit. For more information on Polo in Abu Dhabi go to http://www.grpc.ae/


The Season Is Going Fast – Let’s Support Our High School Teams – Here’s a List of High School Games for Friday, October 4:

Freeport (1-4) at Belvidere North (2-3) – 7:00 pm
Aquin (4-1) at Warren (1-4) – 7:00 pm
Eastland-Pearl City (5-0) at Polo (2-3) – 7:30 pm
Orangeville (2-3) at Ashton-Franklin Center (0-5) – 7:30 pm
Stockton (5-0) at Milledgeville (1-4) – 7:30 pm
Lena-Winslow (3-2) at Forreston (5-0) – 7:00 pm
East Dubuque (3-2) at River Ridge (4-1) – 7:00 pm
South Beloit (1-4) at West Carroll-Savana (0-5) – 7:00 pm
Galena (3-2) at Dakota (2-3) – 7:30 pm

Football Forecast for Friday, October 4 – Looks like a damp evening for games. Temperture in low 70’s.


It’s Homecoming Weekend for Most Schools – So You Can Plan Your Weekend, Here’s a List of High School Games for Friday, September 27:

Boylan (4-0) at Freeport (1-3) Homecoming – 7:15 pm

Polo (2-2) at Aquin (3-1) Homecoming – 7:00

Eastland-Pearl City (4-0) at Lena-Winslow (3-1) Homecoming – 7:15 pm

Warren (0-4) at Orangeville (2-2) Homecoming – 7:00 pm

Stockton (4-0) at East Dubuque (3-1) – 7:30 pm

Forreston (4-0) at Durand (0-4) Homecoming – 7:30 pm

Milledgeville (1-3) at River Ridge (3-1) – 7:00 pm

South Beloit (1-3) at Galena (2-2) Homecoming – 7:30 pm

Dakota (1-3) at West Carroll (Savana) (0-4) – 7:30 pm

Football Forecast for Friday, September 27 – Should be a beautiful night for football. 70’s during the day and lower 60’s by end of games. Low chance of rain.


Packer Fans in Freeport Enjoy the Game Today – If You Have Comcast Forget Watching the Packers After October 16

When the Packers and Bears play at the same time on FOX, you will not be able to watch the Packer game on the FOX Channel (WMSN) in Madison. The FOX Channel in Madison will be dropped by Comcast in Freeport as of October 16. Good bye Packers – Bear fans win again! Freeport loses again.


It’s Friday September 6, and it Looks Like a Beautiful Weekend!

If you like football, lots of area high school teams are playing tonight.

Guilford at Freeport – 7:15 pm
Stockton at Aquin – 7:30 pm
Lena-Winslow at Dakota – 7:30 pm
S. Beloit at Forreston – 7:30 pm
Orangeville at Millegeville – 7:30 pm
Galena at Durand – 7:30 pm

And don’t forget Lena Lions Fall Festival with all of its activities. Details at http://villageoflena.com/modules/contentbox/content/Resources/Events/lions.pdf

If you like Greek Food and music, you should go to Greek Fest at Sts Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church at 108 N. Fifth Street in Rockford. It is 5 to 10 pm today, noon to 10 pm Saturday, and noon to 8 pm Sunday.
For more information go to http://gogreekfest.com/index.html