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The Voters Have Spoken – BUILD THAT WALL!

There have been few messages of congratulation from world leaders to Mr. Trump on his victory over Hillary Clinton, but one of the messages was particularly interesting from the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, which was as follows:

Congratulations Señor Trump! I am happy for your election as the next President of the United States. Many of my fellow Mexican citizens voted for Clinton. I hope you won’t hold that against us. I hate to tell you, but Mexico will not pay for the wall. Prior to the election, Ford and General Motors both contacted me advising me that they would be moving 10,000 manufacturing jobs to Mexico if Clinton were elected. I guess that won’t happen now! You know the more I think about it, perhaps we could reach a deal on that wall. Mexico might pay for the wall, and in exchange you could persuade the Clinton Foundation to move its headquarters to Mexico City. Maybe the Clinton Foundation could even contribute to the construction of the wall. You have to admit that Hillary and her husband know how to raise money! It might even be better that a new automobile plant, and the Foundation would certainly be environmentally friendly!

 Why Vote in Illinois! Remember Illinois Has a Record of Electing and Retaining Crooks in Office!    

It really is depressing living in this state. Hillary Clinton could be in jail, and she would carry Illinois in the Presidential election. Now the FBI is reopening its investigation into her emails, and private server. In Illinois Madigan and his fellow Democrats could care less. Illinois is bankrupt, and our nation is fiscally and morally bankrupt. Hillary fits right in. She should have run for Governor of Illinois!

To Those Who Refuse to Stand for The National Anthem

Those worthless and ungrateful football players who refuse to stand during the playing of the National Anthem do not really understand what this country is all about. It is not a punishment to live in this country. If you think it is, you have the right to leave any time. Living in this country is a privilege. Every time our national anthem is played, it like saying thank you for this privilege. The National Anthem was played at the Olympics at Rio each time the United States won a gold medal. I was proud of our American athletes who stood during the playing of the National Anthem as representatives of this country. When you refuse to stand during the playing of the national anthem, you are making a political statement. And it is not the one you think you are making. You are saying that you despise America, and everything it stands for. It is not a statement against police killings. It is not the time or place to make such statements. It doesn’t hurt these football players to stand for a couple of minutes during the National Anthem. They have 23 hours and 58 minutes remaining each day to criticize this country. Not a bad trade off! By the way don’t tell me about their rights. They only have “their rights” because others died to preserve those rights including police and fire personal who died on 9/11 in New York. I guess it’s why these worthless football players can make millions each year while others died to give them this right.

Only in Illinois – When Will the Citizens of Illinois Wake Up? 

In October of 2016 the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office stopped sending license plate renewal notices to save $450,000 a month in postage. So far in 2016 the state has collected more than $9.5 million in late fees compared to $4.3 million during the same period last year. Basically the late fees have more than doubled. If the trend continues, Illinois will collect by the end of the year over $10 million more in late fees over the previous year when renewal notices were sent. Do the figures – enough more will be collected to send renewal notices for almost two years. This is just another example of the level of corruption in this State. The late fees are just another back door, under the table tax increase by the crooked bureaucrats in this State tolerated by our do nothing, elected representatives.  


Freeport City Council to Consider Ordinance to Eliminate City Legal Department on Monday, April 4

The Freeport City Council will be meeting on Monday, April 4, 2016 at 6:00 pm at 524 W. Stephenson Street, 3rd Floor. You can watch it live on Comcast Channel 17. 

One of the more interesting items on the agenda is the ordinance to eliminate the City’s Legal Department. In the last 40 years Freeport’s population has not grown, but the size of City government has continued to grow. 40 years ago Freeport did not have a legal department, but retained private counsel for the City’s corporation counsel. Today we have a separate legal department with a full time corporation counsel, a part time attorney retained to prosecute ordinance violations, and other attorneys retained for “specialized” legal work. Of course, there is the need for office space, equipment, and support staff, all at taxpayer expense in city hall. Every time Freeport hires more firemen, policemen, and other city employees, it is not just the cost of the salaries. You must add on the present benefits for each employee plus the cost of retirement benefits. The State of Illinois is on the verge of bankruptcy due to the horrendous pension obligations incurred by state government, and the City of Freeport is headed in the same direction. Any time you can outsource government work, you normally will save money in the long run. This would certainly apply to the City’s legal department. The City’s legal department should be eliminated. It is luxury the taxpayers of Freeport cannot afford.

If the citizens of Freeport are interested in seeing the real cost of certain employees of the City of Freeport, go to the 2014 – 2015 Total Compensation Report for City Employees over $75,000

Click to access FY_2015%20Wages%20and%20Benefits%20for%20City%20of%20Freeport.pdf

For the complete Council agenda go to

Click to access A20160404.pdf

Republican Establishment Says to Hell With the Voters!

After their candidate Jeb Boy Bush withdrew, the so called “Republican establishment” had to find another candidate. They did not have to look far. Marco Rubio was ready and willing to accept their support. Only one problem, the voters in Florida knew the records of Bush and Rubio and rejected both of them. Mitt Romney, the Republican loser in 2012, endorsed Kasich. When does the endorsement by a pathetic candidate like Romney mean anything? Not much since Kasich has won only one state! Now Senator Lindsay Graham, who gave up his run for the presidency, has made a reluctant endorsement of Ted Cruz. One thing for sure, the Republican establishment knows what is best for America. It’s too bad the “establishment” is afraid to let the American people decide. Oh well, in 2007 the American people lost trillions in wealth as a result of the greed of the “establishment” and their friends on Wall Street. Trump may not be the right person to lead this country, but one thing for sure – let the American people decide. Not a few people on Wall Street!

Illinois Primary Election March 15 – Your Vote Does Count.

 On the Republican primary ballot there two races that are particularly important to voters in Stephenson County. Carl Larson should be retained as State’s Attorney. He has demonstrated by his exemplary conduct of the office that he should be given a full term. John Vogt, his Republican predecessor in this office, has unequivocally endorsed him. The voters of Stephenson County should do the same, and elect Carl Larson State’s Attorney.

The other important race is for Circuit Judge, and James Hauser should be retained as a judge in Stephenson County. Andrew Smith in the Illinois State Bar Association poll received a NOT recommended rating. James Hauser in the same Bar Poll received a recommended rating. In contrast two former, retired Stephenson County Circuit Judges, Barry Anderson and Theresa Ursen, have recommended James Hauser for Circuit Judge. Again, the voters of Stephenson County should do the same, and elect James Hauser Circuit Judge.

In the Race for Resident Circuit Judge of Stephenson County, James M. Hauser Received a RECOMMENDED Rating in the Illinois State Bar Association Judicial Advisory Poll – His Opponent, Andrew T. Smith, received a NOT RECOMMENDED rating 

Candidates to be recommended must receive a 65% “yes” response to the question regarding Meets Requirements of Office in order to be recommended. Current Judge James M. Hauser received a 92.68% “yes” response, and Mr. Smith received a 51.85% “yes” response. Obviously, Mr. Smith’s colleagues do not have any confidence in his abilities.    
 To see the full bar poll go to

Republican Establishment Record of Failure!

  What has the so called Republican establishment done for this country? It gave us George W. Bush and the never ending wars in the Middle East with no end in sight. It gave us trillions in debt as a result of the wars in the Middle East. It bailed out Wall Street and the big banks while the middle class started dying in 2007. But even worse it gave us Obama. The Republican establishment gave us McCain and Palin (remember I can see Russia!) to run the first time against Obama, and the second time against Obama they gave the country Romney (called 47% of the country welfare bums), a friend and part of the Wall Street establishment. Yes, by electing Obama the country repudiated the policies of Bush and the Republican establishment. Now the Republican establishment says Trump must be stopped. The Republican establishment does not care about conservative values, but it does care about Wall Street and the big banks. It’s okay to bail out Wall Street, but when millions were losing their homes, the Republican establishment said they never should have bought homes they could not afford. Teach them a lesson – let them lose their homes. The Republican establishment should not tell us who we should elect since the values of the Republican establishment are not the values of America. 

President Obama in His Last State of Union Address Lectures America!

 President Obama indicated prior to his State of the Union address that his speech would be short. As with everything with this President – Promises, Promises, Promises. For over an hour President Obama lectured the American people. It was not the speech of a leader, but a speech by a President who is so pompous that he is unable to comprehend the damage he has done to this country. President Reagan’s State of the Union speeches averaged 40 minutes as opposed to President Obama’s which averaged 1 hour 7 minutes.

I guess he must believe that if he talks long enough the American people might actually believe the nation is headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, the next morning his speech is like bad hangover.