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Stephenson County Fair – Last 3 Days! Get Those Cheese Curds from the Jaycees at Their Stand Next to the Grandstand – a Fair Favorite

Don’t miss the going to the fair. The weather should be perfect. See Lucas Oil Midwest Summer Nationals in the grandstand at 6:00 pm today and Kellie Pickler in the grandstand at 8:30 pm Saturday. On Sunday the Demolition Derby at 2:00 pm also in the Grandstand

What a Great Day for the Stephenson County Fair!

Get Out to the Fair and Get Those Cheese Curds from the Jaycees – Their Stand Is Next to the Grandstand!

The weather should be terrific for the fair today and the rest of the week. There will be no excuse not to go to the fair. Fantastic events every night. How lucky we are to have such a wonderful fair!
Go to stephensoncountyfair.org/grandstand-shows for a complete schedule of events.