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Freeport City Council to Consider Additional Annual Rental Registration Fees

The Freeport City Council will meet at 6:00 pm on Monday, March 2 in its temporary quarters at 524 W. Stephenson Streeet, 3rd floor.  If you have Comcast Cable, go to channel 17 to watch live.


Some items of interest on the agenda:


Proclamation declaring March “Youth Art Month in the City of Freeport” and urging everyone to join in celebrating this event by attending Aspiring Artists Exhibition at the Freeport Art Museum at 121 N. Harlem Avenue,  on March 20 at 5:00 pm.


2nd Reading of Ordinance providing for annual rental property registration fees so that enforcement of the ordinance will be paid from the fees generated.   See ordinance at http://www.cityoffreeport.org/OrdRes/Proposed%20rpr%20fees.pdf


Mayor Gitz stated in the Journal Standard on March 1, 2015 when talking about Freeport landlords:


“They want you and I to pay for the impact their business has on all of us.  Basically, they want 

to socialize the cost and privatize the benefit.”


I do hope Mr. Gitz will keep this statement in mind and apply it to other areas of government when he seeks new revenues.  Every new TIF district and enterprize zone shifts the tax burden to other small businesses and homeowners.  Existing TIF funds are used to benefit districts and not the town at large.  If that is not socializing the cost – I don’t know what it is.   With that said landlords should be prepared for increasing fees in the future.  Have you ever heard of a government program that is run so efficiently that the cost goes down every year?    


For the complete agenda go to http://www.ci.freeport.il.us/citygovernment/Agendas/A20150302.pdf


City of Freeport Threatens Property Owners – Letter to All Property Owners Shifts Burden to Taxpayers to Prove They Don’t Own Residential Rental Properties!

On March 6 all property owners in Freeport received a letter from the Freeport Police and Community Development Departments advising them of the requirement to register their rental properties. The letter stated that it was being sent to residential rental property owners based on information obtained from the Stephenson County Assessor’s taxpayer records. That Assessor’s Office is certainly a mess if they think every taxpayer in Freeport owns rental properties. The burden is put on the taxpayers of Freeport to notify the City by email or calling if the letter was sent to the taxpayer in error (means taxpayer does not own residential rental properties).

Another bureaucratic nightmare! Why don’t they send letters to every taxpayer in Freeport asking them about the condition of the streets around their homes?

When will the Freeport City Council wake up and start doing its job – instead they are in chronic slumber land!

Freeport City Council Starts New Year By Approving Rental Housing Computer Program for $11,595 Plus Annual Fee of $1,595 With No Dissenting Votes!


Give the bureaucrats a new program and they will figure out how to spend money. The program already has two employees (half time each) and next they will request new offices to house the program! This is just the start – after that will come a new building devoted entirely to the rental program. Look at Freeport Township – its own building. It’s good to know that Freeport has the unlimited funds to finance such ventures!