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Republican Establishment Record of Failure!

  What has the so called Republican establishment done for this country? It gave us George W. Bush and the never ending wars in the Middle East with no end in sight. It gave us trillions in debt as a result of the wars in the Middle East. It bailed out Wall Street and the big banks while the middle class started dying in 2007. But even worse it gave us Obama. The Republican establishment gave us McCain and Palin (remember I can see Russia!) to run the first time against Obama, and the second time against Obama they gave the country Romney (called 47% of the country welfare bums), a friend and part of the Wall Street establishment. Yes, by electing Obama the country repudiated the policies of Bush and the Republican establishment. Now the Republican establishment says Trump must be stopped. The Republican establishment does not care about conservative values, but it does care about Wall Street and the big banks. It’s okay to bail out Wall Street, but when millions were losing their homes, the Republican establishment said they never should have bought homes they could not afford. Teach them a lesson – let them lose their homes. The Republican establishment should not tell us who we should elect since the values of the Republican establishment are not the values of America. 

President Obama in His Last State of Union Address Lectures America!

 President Obama indicated prior to his State of the Union address that his speech would be short. As with everything with this President – Promises, Promises, Promises. For over an hour President Obama lectured the American people. It was not the speech of a leader, but a speech by a President who is so pompous that he is unable to comprehend the damage he has done to this country. President Reagan’s State of the Union speeches averaged 40 minutes as opposed to President Obama’s which averaged 1 hour 7 minutes. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/national-international/As-Obamas-Last-State-of-the-Union-Nears-a-Look-at-What-His-Predecessors-Said-364900721.html

I guess he must believe that if he talks long enough the American people might actually believe the nation is headed in the right direction. Unfortunately, the next morning his speech is like bad hangover.


On Presidents’ Day 2015 The Country Misses Ronald Reagan!

IMG_3933Ronald Reagan never forgot his roots in rural Illinois when he was President. President Obama has spent six years as President apologizing for being an American. Ronald Reagan loved America and never apologized for being an American. Ronald Reagan never apologized for America’s Judeo-Christian values. President Obama, while radical Muslims are killing Americans, equates American Christians with radical Muslims. It is sad, but true. We now have a President who golfs after it is announced that radical Muslims have again slit the throat of an American. President Obama’s image may never be added to to Mt. Rushmore, but I am sure his picture will be displayed prominently in every mosque around the world!

For Your Viewing Pleasure On January 20 – President Obama’s State of the Union Speech and The Freeport City Council Meeting!

President Obama will give his seventh State of the Union Address at 8:00 pm and Freeport City
Council will meet at 6:00 pm in its temporary quarters at 524 W. Stephenson Streeet, 3rd floor.
If you have Comcast Cable, go to channel 17 to watch live. Since most council meetings are over before 8:00 pm, you will be able to watch both events! It easy to summarize President Obama’s talk without hearing it – more taxes on the “rich” under the guise of helping the middle class and more regulations. Obama has had 6 years to help the middle class. If we get any more help, there won’t be a middle class.

As to the council meeting, don’t miss Alderperson KIemm (1st Ward) leading the Council in the Pledge of Allegiance. Some items of interest on the council agenda are as follows:

2nd reading of ordinance amending Flood Management Areas which expands Yellow Creek
Flood Hazzard Area on the south side of Freeport. See memo on change at

Click to access 095-14_CoverLtr_Flood%20Ordinance%20Amendment.pdf

Resolution Adopting 2015 Economic Development Goals

Resolution in support of expanding Enterprise Zone for Swift Hospitality Group. They propose building more senior residential care units. Our only hope is that said units will pay real estates immediately after being built. Otherwise, they will just be another burden on the services in the City with more of the tax burden for said services being shifted to the few remaining small businesses and homeowners.

See complete agenda at http://www.ci.freeport.il.us/citygovernment/Agendas/A20150120.pdf

Obama Leaves Country to Visit The Chinese Leaders on Veterans Day – He Even Dresses Like Them!


It was no surprise that President Obama was not in the United States on Veterans Day. Pictures were all over the news showing the President dressed like the Communist Chinese leaders. It was just another insult from a man who never wore the uniform of his country, but has enough nerve to cozy up to the Chinese communist leaders on Veterans Day. On Veterans Day we salute those who served and are serving our country. Obama on Veterans Day saluted the communist Chinese.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Closes His Eyes to Ebola Crisis!

IMG_3519.JPGThomas Frieden, CDC Director, has known for months that Ebola was killing thousands in Africa. He continually appeared on American television shows saying that Ebola would not be a problem in the United States. Surprise! Like everything else in the Obama administration, nothing is a problem until it is a crisis. How many Americans must die around the world until President Obama decides we have a problem? The answer is simple – lots of Americans. On its website the CDC states in regard to the Ebola crisis:

“CDC urges all US residents to avoid nonessential travel to Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia because of unprecedented outbreaks of Ebola in those countries.”

What about keeping individuals out of this country with Ebola? What about a travel ban from countries with a high number of Ebola cases? From Ebola to ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), there is no leadership. On October 3, I asked – How much more damage can Obama do in the next two years? The answer is more obvious every day.

Obama Plans On Sending 3,000 American Soldiers to Africa to Fight Ebola While He Does Nothing to Secure Our Borders!

IMG_3486.JPGEnough is enough. Mexican soldiers are crossing the U.S. border and Mexican helicopters are firing on U.S. Border patrol agents. (see GooddayIlllinois.com on June 27, 2014) What does Obama do? Nothing! An American Marine rots in a Mexican jail. What does Obama do? Nothing! Americans are beheaded by radical Muslims. What does Obama do? Nothing! An American Ambassador is murdered in Libya. What does Obama do? Nothing! You have to start wondering where this President’s loyalties really lie. Now we have a person from Africa who is in Texas with Ebola. This person obviously knew he had been exposed to Ebola. See http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/liberian-officials-prosecute-ebola-victim-lying What did he do? He came to American to get medical treatment! What has Obama done to protect our borders and citizens? Nothing! If Americans start dying with Ebola, what will Obama do? Nothing! He will probably say Americans are not special and they should die just like the Africans. It is sad that we have a President who cares more about other countries than he does about America. Oh well, how much more damage can Obama do in the next two years?

Imagine This Scenario – What Would President Obama Have Done?

20140722-202112-73272454.jpgLet’s assume that, instead of a Malaysian Airlines plane being shot down, that an American Airlines plane with 300 Americans on board was shot down in the Ukraine killing all on board.

What would President Obama do? Absolutely nothing – just like he is doing now! Putin knows that this administration will do nothing. American bodies would be rotting in the Ukraine while President Obama begs Putin and the Europeans for help.

President Kennedy in 1962 stood up to the Russians. If Obama had been President in 1962, Florida would now be part of Cuba.

If Obama had been President in the 1980’s, there would still be a Berlin wall and a divided Germany. President Reagan said in a speech in Berlin on June 12, 1987 addressing the Soviet Premier “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” For Reagan’s speech, listen to it at http://www.historyplace.com/speeches/reagan-tear-down.htm
Obama would have quoted one of Robert Frost’s poems and said “Good fences make good neighbors.”

If Obama had been President at the time of 9/11, he would have lamented the fact that Muslim terrorists had to die to make their point that America was terrible.

The United States has had poor presidents before, but we have never had a president like Obama who apologizes for everything this country and its people have accomplished. He seems to despise everything this country stands for and that is a sad commentary on the state of this country – one without a real leader.

Secretary of State John Kerry says Administration Will Go to Hilt to Isolate Russia!

An administration which could not even get a health care program going in three years now says it will go to the hilt to isolate Russia. John McCain said when he looked in Putin’s eyes he saw the letters “KGB.” President Obama looks in Putin’s eyes and he sees a topless dancer from the Bolshoi Ballet.

It is rumored that the Obama administration in order to isolate Russia if it does not withdraw from the Ukraine will do the following:

Cancel Putin’s lifetime pass to Disney World Epcot Center

Deny an export license to Russia for Twinkies

Refuse to share American technology used in American Olympic skating uniforms developed by Under Armour

In cooperation with Great Britain, send Piers Morgan to Russian as a special envoy. Piers will use his charm to persuade the Russians to leave the Ukraine. If that does not work, Piers will threaten to stay in Russia joining the popular evening news program, News from the Gay and Lesbian Community.

And finally if all of the above does not work, John Kerry will then oppose Putin at the 2014 Topless Muscle Contest in Klosterneuburg, Austria.

If Obama (オバマ) Were President During World War II –


Imagine Obama being president at the start of World War II where it was necessary to mobilize all sectors of the economy to win the War. Over three years after the Affordable Health Care Act was passed, his administration has not even been able to develop a computer program so people can sign up for health insurance. I guess if Obama had been President, we would all all be speaking Japanese today.