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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Closes His Eyes to Ebola Crisis!

IMG_3519.JPGThomas Frieden, CDC Director, has known for months that Ebola was killing thousands in Africa. He continually appeared on American television shows saying that Ebola would not be a problem in the United States. Surprise! Like everything else in the Obama administration, nothing is a problem until it is a crisis. How many Americans must die around the world until President Obama decides we have a problem? The answer is simple – lots of Americans. On its website the CDC states in regard to the Ebola crisis:

“CDC urges all US residents to avoid nonessential travel to Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia because of unprecedented outbreaks of Ebola in those countries.”

What about keeping individuals out of this country with Ebola? What about a travel ban from countries with a high number of Ebola cases? From Ebola to ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), there is no leadership. On October 3, I asked – How much more damage can Obama do in the next two years? The answer is more obvious every day.

Obama Plans On Sending 3,000 American Soldiers to Africa to Fight Ebola While He Does Nothing to Secure Our Borders!

IMG_3486.JPGEnough is enough. Mexican soldiers are crossing the U.S. border and Mexican helicopters are firing on U.S. Border patrol agents. (see GooddayIlllinois.com on June 27, 2014) What does Obama do? Nothing! An American Marine rots in a Mexican jail. What does Obama do? Nothing! Americans are beheaded by radical Muslims. What does Obama do? Nothing! An American Ambassador is murdered in Libya. What does Obama do? Nothing! You have to start wondering where this President’s loyalties really lie. Now we have a person from Africa who is in Texas with Ebola. This person obviously knew he had been exposed to Ebola. See http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/liberian-officials-prosecute-ebola-victim-lying What did he do? He came to American to get medical treatment! What has Obama done to protect our borders and citizens? Nothing! If Americans start dying with Ebola, what will Obama do? Nothing! He will probably say Americans are not special and they should die just like the Africans. It is sad that we have a President who cares more about other countries than he does about America. Oh well, how much more damage can Obama do in the next two years?