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Only in Illinois – When Will the Citizens of Illinois Wake Up? 

In October of 2016 the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office stopped sending license plate renewal notices to save $450,000 a month in postage. So far in 2016 the state has collected more than $9.5 million in late fees compared to $4.3 million during the same period last year. Basically the late fees have more than doubled. If the trend continues, Illinois will collect by the end of the year over $10 million more in late fees over the previous year when renewal notices were sent. Do the figures – enough more will be collected to send renewal notices for almost two years. This is just another example of the level of corruption in this State. The late fees are just another back door, under the table tax increase by the crooked bureaucrats in this State tolerated by our do nothing, elected representatives.  


If You Think Freeport’s Real Estate Taxes Are Too Low – Contribute to the City of Freeport!

Certain alderpersons on the present Freeport City Council have consistently supported more spending and higher taxes. This group is led by Tom Klemm, Sally Brashaw, and Mike Koester who have not seen a tax increase or higher spending that they did not feel was necessary. I for one agree with Alderman Chesney – WE ARE TAXED ENOUGH. For those who feel they are undertaxed, they are free to copy the above form and make an additional contribution to the City of Freeport. I hope everyone sends Klemm, Brashaw, and Koester a copy of the form. As the expression goes, put your money where your mouth is!

Allegiant Air Update – Same Plane Two Emergency Landings in 24 Hours! When Will the Media in Northwest Illinois Report the Problems with Allegiant?

This posting is an update to the previous posting. It is hard to believe, but it is being reported that the plane that made an emergency on June 1 is the same plane that made an emergency landing today (June 2). It is even being reported that it was the same mechanical issue both days! For God’s sake, what kind of airline is this? A plane makes an emergency landing one day, and the next day it is back in service and not repaired. See Tampa Bay Times article at

Also, see news report on Fox 13, Tampa at


Allegiant Air Two Emergency Landings in Two Days – Allegiant Air Problems Best Kept Secret in Rockford and Northwest Illinois!

Local Newspapers and TV stations in Northwest Illinois continue to ignore safety issues at Allegiant Air. This morning an Allegiant flight to Stewart-Newburg Airport in New York from Clearwater, Florida made an emergency landing at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport. Fox Channel 13 reported this morning (June 2) that the plane had hydraulic issues, and spent an hour circling in the Gulf dumping fuel. Fortunately, the plane made a safe landing. See the television report of Channel 13, Tampa, Florida at

What makes this matter even worse is that this is the second emergency at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport by an Allegiant plane in two days. Channel 8 in Tampa, Florida reported that on Wednesday (June 1) Allegiant flight 871 made an emergency landing after declaring an emergency due to a mechanical issue.     

Allegiant flight returns to St. Pete-Clearwater for emergency landing

See postings on Good Day Illinois on May 9 and January 25, 2016 on safety issues at Allegiant Air. What will it take for local media to report these issues?