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Time Does Not Matter to the Airlines UNLESS It Is Their Time and Money!

 It’s been a rough week and it’s finally Thursday, and you are looking forward to going home for the week.  You book the earlier flight home since it’s a lot better to get home at 9:30 at night than 11:30.  Like the good little traveler you are, you get to the airport two hours ahead of time only to discover that your flight has been delayed one hour.   That means you will now get home at 10:30.  Irritated you give your ticket and identification to the TSA agent.  You frown at him and he sends you to the line with the other TSA Pre-Check Rejects.  You take off your shoes and belt, and joke that next time you will wear a rope to hold your pants up.  The TSA agent is not amused and you are then checked for explosives.  You finally are permitted to leave, and you go to the gate only to see that your plane is now leaving two hours late.  Oh well, at least you will get home by 11:30.  You get some food, and then then back to the gate.  Now you discover that your plane is leaving three hours late which means getting home at 12:30 am – yes 12:30in the morning.  You complain to the agent at the gate asking to get on the late flight which will now get in one hour earlier than your flight.  You are told that plane is full.  You say to hell with this airline, and the agent says – “I don’t like your attitude.  Now go and sit down and wait like the other nice travelers.”  Finally, a few hours later you drag yourself along with the other passengers, like beaten dogs with your heads down, onto the plane.  One passenger says – “Last week I took this same flight and it was four hours late – I’m just happy to get home!”  An airline agent overhearing this man smiles at him, and looks at you and says – “Now that man has a good attitude.”  


A few weeks later you are in line at McDonalds to get something to eat, and you hear a man in front of you saying to the young lady at the counter – “What kind of business are you running here?  I have been waiting 2 minutes for my french fries.  I run one of the biggest airlines in the country.   I don’t have time to put up with your incompetence.  To hell with you!  I don’t need your food.”  Now I don’t recommend that you say this next time your flight is delayed – or you will be sent to TSA Jail!


Enough of the Bushes and Clintons – America Needs New Faces and New Policies!


Hillary Clinton has announced that she is running for President, and Jeb Bush will probably be next.  Unfortunately, it looks like Clinton will have no real competition from within the Democratic Party.   On the Republican side it looks like Bush will have a lot of competition which is good for the country and the Republican Party.  Jeb Bush’s brother was no fiscal conservative, and his tax policies benefited the upper few per cent of this country and his friends on Wall Street.  The Democrats under Obama do not pretend to be fiscal conservatives.  The Obama fiscal policy is to tax more so they can spend more.   Here’s the sad part.  The Democratic Party and Republican Party in the past were not that different.   The real difference between the two parties is simple – the Democrats pretend they care about the middle class, but in actuality their policies promote the welfare state and contribute to the destruction of the middle class.  The Republicans in contrast do not even pretend to care about the middle class and have promoted policies that benefit the very wealthy of this country.   It’s about time America elected a leader who would promote policies that would help and not contribute to the destruction of the middle class.   One thing for sure, neither Clinton nor Bush is that leader!

Heather McPherson to Speak at 2nd Annual Elder Law Bootcamp on April 23 in Chicago.

 Heather, past chairperson of the Elder Law Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association, and presently a member of the Trusts and Estates Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association will be speaking in Chicago at a seminar for members of the Illinois State Bar Association.  Her topic will be “To Open an Estate or Not to Open an Estate – That Is the Question,” and it will be directed to attorneys with limited experience in the estate area.   As Heather tells her clients, attorneys must stay current as to recent developments in the estate area so that they can advise their clients as to how any changes many affect their estate plans.   Of course, all of us should review our estate planning documents every few years so that they can be adjusted to reflect changes in our personal lives or those of our family members.  

It’s Spring Time in Freeport – The Deer Have Taken Over South Freeport and Alderman Tom Klemm of the 1st Ward Proposes That It Be Turned into a Nature Preserve!


Under the leadership of Tom Klemm who represents the 1st Ward, the area south of Yellow Creek has continued to deteriorate.  Forget planting new shrubs, tulips, or anything edible since the deer have taken over.   Forget fixing the roads.  The remaining human inhabitants on the south side drive all-terrain vehicles – they just don’t need roads any more.  They like paying high taxes for nothing.   Mr. Klemm has been on notice of this condition and the destruction this portion of his Ward, and has done nothing.  At least Jennie DeVine did something for her constituents – wish them “happy birthday.”   We now have four new council members, and the smartest thing they can do is to ignore Tom Klemm.  As for turning the south side of Freeport into a nature preserve, it is a proposal with merit.   It would certainly reflect reality.    In fact we could call it “KLEMM’S NATURE PRESERVE.”  Oh well, that really is enough to make you sick!  

Freeport Voters Reject Failed Policies of the Past!


What does it mean when in every contested race for the Freeport City Council the voters rejected the incumbents?   The answer is simple.   The citizens of Freeport do not like the present direction of the City, and they want the new council members to be a positive force for change.   Mayor Gitz has had a “rubber stamp council.”  The present Council was incapable of constructive criticism of the Mayor’s policies, and blindly followed the Mayor’s lead.   For Freeport to move forward, the Council must actively promote policies which will help Freeport.  


In the meantime, watch the old Council in action on April 20, 2015 at 524 W. Stephenson Street, 3rd floor.  If you have Comcast Cable, go to channel 17.   Let’s just hope no action will be taken at the meeting by this lame duck council that will adversely affect Freeport.  That’s probably too much to hope for!

Wisconsin loses to Duke but CBS wins!


I have seen a lot of basketball games, but the national championship game on Monday night was a real winner when it came to commercials.  Sometimes there were commercials after just one minute of play.  One thing for sure, when the game takes almost three hours, the players get plenty of rest when they are playing for only 40 minutes!    There were so many commercials that it even affected your ability to enjoy the game.  Let’s make CBS the National Champion of Commercials – at least for one day!

It’s Time for Changes on the Freeport City Council – Vote for New Leadership on April 7!  


The City of Freeport cannot afford to continue the present approach to the issues facing the City.   Freeport needs leaders – not followers who will continue to support and promote the failed policies of the past.    For that reason vote for change by supporting the following candidates for Freeport City Council:


Andrew Chesney for Alderman at Large – Although he has no competition, he should be supported.  We need young people like Andrew to challenge the failed policies of the past.


Peter McClanathan in the 2nd Ward – Peter will listen to the people of the Freeport and not rubber stamp the polices of the Gitz Administration.   The present alderman, Shawn Boldt, has one solution to every problem – more taxes!  


Art R. Ross in the 3rd Ward – His opponent, Ronnie Bush, has been on the Council for 20 years.  Let’s thank Ronnie for his service, but let’s face it.  Ronnie Bush and most his fellow alderpersons have failed to address the problems facing Freeport.  Give him and the other incumbents another 4 years and Freeport will be joining Detroit in bankruptcy.


Jodi Miller in the 4th Ward – Jodi knows what it takes to run a business.   This should not even be a race.  Jennie DeVine, her opponent, has done nothing during her years on the Council unless you count wishing her constituents “happy birthday.”  She can do that from her home! 


Patrick R. Busker in the 5th Ward – Again, this should not even be a race.  Dennis Endress, the present alderperson, is in the same category as Jennie DeVine except he says absolutely nothing at most council meetings.    What has this man done during his term on the Council?   The answer is simple – NOTHING.