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It’s Been a Bad Day – The Stock Market Is Still Falling, Your Car Has Been Recalled, and Then Your Dog Was Rejected for Doggie Daycare!

  … and then you get home and check your mail. There is a letter from the local doggie daycare center advising you that your dog has been rejected for the daycare program due to your dog’s inability to socialize with other dogs. What should you do? Do you need a lawyer? The answer is simple – call the daycare center and ask for a personal interview for your dog. Prep you dog for the interview. Your dog must not only look good, but be sure he gets enough rest before his interview so he is mentally ready for difficult questions. If your dog is having anxiety attacks, see your dog’s doctor and get a prescription for anxiety medication such as Xanax. And most important – remember that you are also being interviewed. You do not want your dog to fail as a result of your attitude and your failure to address your dog’s problems. Good Luck!


 In 1981 President Ronald Reagan on what the Fourth of July meant to him:

For one who was born and grew up in the small towns of the Midwest, there is a special kind of nostalgia about the Fourth of July.

Somewhere in our youth, we began to be aware of the meaning of important national days and with that awareness came the birth of patriotism. July Fourth is the birthday of our nation. I believed as a boy, and believe even more today, that it is the birthday of the greatest nation on earth.

Let the Fourth of July always be a reminder that here in this land, for the first time, it was decided that man is born with certain God-given rights; that government is only a convenience created and managed by the people, with no powers of its own except those voluntarily granted to it by the people.

 We sometimes forget that great truth, and we never should.

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Time Does Not Matter to the Airlines UNLESS It Is Their Time and Money!

 It’s been a rough week and it’s finally Thursday, and you are looking forward to going home for the week.  You book the earlier flight home since it’s a lot better to get home at 9:30 at night than 11:30.  Like the good little traveler you are, you get to the airport two hours ahead of time only to discover that your flight has been delayed one hour.   That means you will now get home at 10:30.  Irritated you give your ticket and identification to the TSA agent.  You frown at him and he sends you to the line with the other TSA Pre-Check Rejects.  You take off your shoes and belt, and joke that next time you will wear a rope to hold your pants up.  The TSA agent is not amused and you are then checked for explosives.  You finally are permitted to leave, and you go to the gate only to see that your plane is now leaving two hours late.  Oh well, at least you will get home by 11:30.  You get some food, and then then back to the gate.  Now you discover that your plane is leaving three hours late which means getting home at 12:30 am – yes 12:30in the morning.  You complain to the agent at the gate asking to get on the late flight which will now get in one hour earlier than your flight.  You are told that plane is full.  You say to hell with this airline, and the agent says – “I don’t like your attitude.  Now go and sit down and wait like the other nice travelers.”  Finally, a few hours later you drag yourself along with the other passengers, like beaten dogs with your heads down, onto the plane.  One passenger says – “Last week I took this same flight and it was four hours late – I’m just happy to get home!”  An airline agent overhearing this man smiles at him, and looks at you and says – “Now that man has a good attitude.”  


A few weeks later you are in line at McDonalds to get something to eat, and you hear a man in front of you saying to the young lady at the counter – “What kind of business are you running here?  I have been waiting 2 minutes for my french fries.  I run one of the biggest airlines in the country.   I don’t have time to put up with your incompetence.  To hell with you!  I don’t need your food.”  Now I don’t recommend that you say this next time your flight is delayed – or you will be sent to TSA Jail!


Heather McPherson to Speak at 2nd Annual Elder Law Bootcamp on April 23 in Chicago.

 Heather, past chairperson of the Elder Law Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association, and presently a member of the Trusts and Estates Section Council of the Illinois State Bar Association will be speaking in Chicago at a seminar for members of the Illinois State Bar Association.  Her topic will be “To Open an Estate or Not to Open an Estate – That Is the Question,” and it will be directed to attorneys with limited experience in the estate area.   As Heather tells her clients, attorneys must stay current as to recent developments in the estate area so that they can advise their clients as to how any changes many affect their estate plans.   Of course, all of us should review our estate planning documents every few years so that they can be adjusted to reflect changes in our personal lives or those of our family members.  

Imagine This Scenario – What Would President Obama Have Done?

20140722-202112-73272454.jpgLet’s assume that, instead of a Malaysian Airlines plane being shot down, that an American Airlines plane with 300 Americans on board was shot down in the Ukraine killing all on board.

What would President Obama do? Absolutely nothing – just like he is doing now! Putin knows that this administration will do nothing. American bodies would be rotting in the Ukraine while President Obama begs Putin and the Europeans for help.

President Kennedy in 1962 stood up to the Russians. If Obama had been President in 1962, Florida would now be part of Cuba.

If Obama had been President in the 1980’s, there would still be a Berlin wall and a divided Germany. President Reagan said in a speech in Berlin on June 12, 1987 addressing the Soviet Premier “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” For Reagan’s speech, listen to it at
Obama would have quoted one of Robert Frost’s poems and said “Good fences make good neighbors.”

If Obama had been President at the time of 9/11, he would have lamented the fact that Muslim terrorists had to die to make their point that America was terrible.

The United States has had poor presidents before, but we have never had a president like Obama who apologizes for everything this country and its people have accomplished. He seems to despise everything this country stands for and that is a sad commentary on the state of this country – one without a real leader.

What Has Happened to Our Banks – Treating Customers Like Criminals.


Once upon a time, banks wanted deposits.

Once upon a time, banks paid interest on money deposited.

Once upon a time, bank employees treated customers with respect.

Once upon a time, banks valued their customers and actually made loans to help them buy a home or start a business.

Today, banks don’t care about deposits from customers. In fact they question every check being deposited.

Today, banks treat their customers with contempt as if they were criminals.

Today, banks only make loans so they can sell them and make a profit – they don’t care about helping the local economy!

If you complain about the practices at your local branch bank of Big Bank, Inc., you are told that government regulations are the reason for the banks treating customers like criminals.

Of course, the banks should know a criminal when they see one. You know the old expression, it takes one to know one! If I remember correctly, it was not the average citizen of this country who was responsible for the financial meltdown in 2008. It was caused by greedy bankers and crooked stockbrokers on Wall Street – not people on main street.

By the way if you complain, Big Bank, Inc. will just tell you to leave and take your money with you. Of course, you will be charged an exit fee for early withdrawal!

God Save the Queen – America Gives Piers Morgan Back to Great Britain!

A sad day for America. It is being reported that Piers Morgan, Larry King’s replacement, will soon be leaving CNN after three years. His pompous, elitism will certainly be missed by his American audience! Let’s all chip in and buy him a ticket back to Great Britain. It’s rumored that Jay Leno is looking for job. At least we would be entertained instead of being punished every night.

Homeland Security Considers Issuing Travel Warning for Florida!


If you plan on going to Florida, it is rumored that Homeland Security is considering issuing a travel warning for Florida warning visitors to be careful in Florida and especially to avoid the following:

Do not text in movie theatres. Texting can aggravate other people watching the movie, and these people could feel their lives are threatened. In self-defense, they could shoot you.

Do not play loud music in your car. Loud music can aggravate people in other vehicles, and these people could feel their lives are threatened by the loud music. In self-defense, they could shoot you.

If you see Mickey Mouse, do not fondle his ears. Such conduct can aggravate people, and these people could feel their lives are threatened. In self-defense, they could shoot you.

In summary, if you are in Florida, the best policy would be to stay in your room or if you must go to the beach, be quiet and do not text or play loud music. If you just use some common sense, you can survive a trip to Florida