What Has Happened to Our Banks – Treating Customers Like Criminals.


Once upon a time, banks wanted deposits.

Once upon a time, banks paid interest on money deposited.

Once upon a time, bank employees treated customers with respect.

Once upon a time, banks valued their customers and actually made loans to help them buy a home or start a business.

Today, banks don’t care about deposits from customers. In fact they question every check being deposited.

Today, banks treat their customers with contempt as if they were criminals.

Today, banks only make loans so they can sell them and make a profit – they don’t care about helping the local economy!

If you complain about the practices at your local branch bank of Big Bank, Inc., you are told that government regulations are the reason for the banks treating customers like criminals.

Of course, the banks should know a criminal when they see one. You know the old expression, it takes one to know one! If I remember correctly, it was not the average citizen of this country who was responsible for the financial meltdown in 2008. It was caused by greedy bankers and crooked stockbrokers on Wall Street – not people on main street.

By the way if you complain, Big Bank, Inc. will just tell you to leave and take your money with you. Of course, you will be charged an exit fee for early withdrawal!

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