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When You Are in Florida, Golf at Cove Cay Where They Welcome Those Frigid Midwest Golfers!

If you happen to be in Tampa – Clearwater Area of Florida and want to golf, go to Cove Cay Golf Club in Clearwater. The course is beautiful and challenging. If you see our good friends, Pat or Bill Shriver, the new owners, tell them that Malcolm and Heather sent you! The above is a view from the 9th green.

Go to the website for more information at

Freeport School Board Says To Hell With The Voters of Freeport!

The Freeport School Board has already disregarded the wishes of the voters of Freeport when it voted to place the 1% sales tax increase on the ballot after if was soundly rejected by the voters last year. Now this same board wants to hire a new superintendent prior to the April election. In fact they are having two receptions so the public can meet the candidates on February 19 and 23. What a joke! This same board hired the last superintendent. It just doesn’t deserve another chance. This Board has a record of policy and personnel failures. It has shown that it lacks judgment and cannot be trusted.

Go to the receptions and tell the candidates to go home until after the election!

On Presidents’ Day 2015 The Country Misses Ronald Reagan!

IMG_3933Ronald Reagan never forgot his roots in rural Illinois when he was President. President Obama has spent six years as President apologizing for being an American. Ronald Reagan loved America and never apologized for being an American. Ronald Reagan never apologized for America’s Judeo-Christian values. President Obama, while radical Muslims are killing Americans, equates American Christians with radical Muslims. It is sad, but true. We now have a President who golfs after it is announced that radical Muslims have again slit the throat of an American. President Obama’s image may never be added to to Mt. Rushmore, but I am sure his picture will be displayed prominently in every mosque around the world!

Take Your Illinois Pension, Leave Illinois, and Head to Florida for a New Job!

IMG_3927The recent article in The Journal Standard on a police officer retiring after 26 years on the Freeport Police Force is not in itself news. What is news is that this is happening all over the State of Illinois. Public sector employees retiring in their early 50’s with large pensions with guaranteed annual 3 per cent increases. These employees then leave the high tax state of Illinois, head to Florida and collect their Illinois pensions, and frequently start a new job in the public sector so they can qualify for another pension! The retiring officer stated that he would miss the people of Freeport. That may be true, but I doubt that he will miss the State of Illinois with its high real estate and other taxes. When the snow is flying in Freeport next January, he will just smile when he receives his pension check from Freeport and his new check from his Florida job. And to the citizens of Illinois, keep working and pay those high taxes so this officer and other retired Illinois public sector employees can enjoy the Florida sunshine.

Weather Channel Everything But Weather!

The Weather Channel used to be a great source for national and local weather information. What a joke today! Last year the Channel started naming winter storms with a recent one being Linus. You wake up to a blizzard and see two individuals who seem almost gleeful in the way they describe the recent blizzard. You wonder if they will act the same way when a hurricane hits the Southeastern United States. I certainly hope not. If you wake up at night, and want to check on the weather – forget it. Shows run all night on prospecting, trucking, and everything but the weather! Then morning comes and guess what – you get to watch “Wake up with Al Roker!” Personally, I would prefer not to wake up with Al Roker, but NBC (owner of the Weather Channel) must think we want this type of entertainment the first thing in the morning. Perhaps, the morning show name could be changed to “Wake up with Al and Brian” and Brian could tell combat stories! It would probably be a hit because you don’t want too much reality the first thing in the morning!