Weather Channel Everything But Weather!

The Weather Channel used to be a great source for national and local weather information. What a joke today! Last year the Channel started naming winter storms with a recent one being Linus. You wake up to a blizzard and see two individuals who seem almost gleeful in the way they describe the recent blizzard. You wonder if they will act the same way when a hurricane hits the Southeastern United States. I certainly hope not. If you wake up at night, and want to check on the weather – forget it. Shows run all night on prospecting, trucking, and everything but the weather! Then morning comes and guess what – you get to watch “Wake up with Al Roker!” Personally, I would prefer not to wake up with Al Roker, but NBC (owner of the Weather Channel) must think we want this type of entertainment the first thing in the morning. Perhaps, the morning show name could be changed to “Wake up with Al and Brian” and Brian could tell combat stories! It would probably be a hit because you don’t want too much reality the first thing in the morning!

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