Monthly Archives: November 2016

Airlines Will Soon Introduce “Pay as you Weigh” Airfares!

Some say U.S. based carriers will never charge passengers based on their body weight plus their luggage. Don’t bet on it. The airlines already charge for checked luggage, and if your luggage is over a certain amount such as 50 pounds, you are charged even more. It is even rumored that in the future travel agents will get bonuses if they sell tickets to overweight individuals. Imagine booking flights for “Weight Watchers.” Carriers such as Allegiant charge for everything now from water to early boarding. It won’t take much to the reach the next step – weight based fares! Southwest Airlines advertises that it likes luggage which flies free. I suppose Southwest Airlines will say in the future that it likes fat people who pay the same as everyone else. My kind of airline!

The Voters Have Spoken – BUILD THAT WALL!

There have been few messages of congratulation from world leaders to Mr. Trump on his victory over Hillary Clinton, but one of the messages was particularly interesting from the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, which was as follows:

Congratulations Señor Trump! I am happy for your election as the next President of the United States. Many of my fellow Mexican citizens voted for Clinton. I hope you won’t hold that against us. I hate to tell you, but Mexico will not pay for the wall. Prior to the election, Ford and General Motors both contacted me advising me that they would be moving 10,000 manufacturing jobs to Mexico if Clinton were elected. I guess that won’t happen now! You know the more I think about it, perhaps we could reach a deal on that wall. Mexico might pay for the wall, and in exchange you could persuade the Clinton Foundation to move its headquarters to Mexico City. Maybe the Clinton Foundation could even contribute to the construction of the wall. You have to admit that Hillary and her husband know how to raise money! It might even be better that a new automobile plant, and the Foundation would certainly be environmentally friendly!