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Gobble, Gobble – Have You Had a Bad Day?

IMG_3561.JPGRemember Steve Martin in the scene at the rental counter in the 1987 movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles? He was at wits end and was trying to get a car at the rental counter. We have all had similar experiences and wanted to say just what Steve Martin told the rental agent. Today this is especially true when flying. Passengers are herded around like cattle from the minute you get to the airport. TSA agents direct you to the appropriate security lines. Don’t complain – just smile when they tell you that you have been selected for extra screening. Just smile when they say you have tested positive for explosives and must be subjected to even more screening. Just smile when you are assigned a middle seat at the back of the plane. Just smile when you are now greeted by your new seat mates – on your left is a missionary returning from working in the Ebola wards in Liberia and on your right is a representative from weight watchers who advises you that his goal is to lose 400 pounds in the next year. The plane takes off with you sitting in the lap of the man from weight watchers. The flight attendant finally arrives at the back of the plane with the food cart and you ask for a vodka tonic only to be told all of alcohol in the cabin has been sold, but they do have some gummy bears. You just smile passing on the gummy bears. Then you take out your IPad and show the smiling flight attendant the clip from the movie with Steve Martin. The flight attendant stops smiling, and when you get off the plane you are met by a group of TSA agents. You are told that you are now on the NO FLY list. You just smile and show them the Steve Martin clip as you are escorted from the airport.

For your convenience and future use the clip can be found at

Where Have All The Leaves Gone? The Answer My Friend Is On My Street In Front of My House!


The Freeport City Council Meets tonight at 6:00 pm in the rented Freeport City Council chambers at 524 West Stephenson Street, 3rd Floor. If you have Comcast Cable, go to channel 17 to watch live.

Since the Council will probably spend most of the meeting discussing leaf pickup, no comments will be made as to the other items on the agenda. On a more serious note, Mayor Gitz does refer to the piles of leaves around the City as “pothole fillers.” He is quite imaginative!

You may study the full agenda at

Of some interest is the survey on what should be done in regard to city hall. Residents are given several options, and the responses are tabulated in this report which can be found at Read the report – you will have read more than most council members have read in the last year. Too bad it is not in comic book form with lots of pictures so the council could understand it.

Obama Leaves Country to Visit The Chinese Leaders on Veterans Day – He Even Dresses Like Them!


It was no surprise that President Obama was not in the United States on Veterans Day. Pictures were all over the news showing the President dressed like the Communist Chinese leaders. It was just another insult from a man who never wore the uniform of his country, but has enough nerve to cozy up to the Chinese communist leaders on Veterans Day. On Veterans Day we salute those who served and are serving our country. Obama on Veterans Day saluted the communist Chinese.

Your Vote Does Make a Difference – Be Sure to Vote Tomorrow!

Government is like a business. The voters are the shareholders. Imagine that you own stock in a business that is on the verge of bankruptcy. Would you want a change in the management of the business, or would you vote for the same management to continue its failed policies? A business goes bankrupt and you just lose your investment. When government continually outspends its income, what does government do? The answer is simple – Just keep raising taxes to cover the failed policies. Are the voters of Illinois ready to ratify the failed polices of Governor Quinn, or are they ready to at least elect someone who will attempt to address the problems facing the State of Illinois? The answer should be obvious, but then this is Illinois where Governors only leave office and the State to go to prison.