Monthly Archives: April 2020

Illinois Governor Pritzker Allows Important Businesses to Reopen – ANIMAL GROOMING SERVICES.  Thank Goodness McPherson Law Offices Remains Open as an Essential Business!


I guess human grooming services don’t count in Illinois.  Another sad commentary on the priorities in the State of Illinois.

At McPherson Law Offices our number one priority is our clients, and as an essential business we remain open to serve our clients in a safe and secure manner.  From video conferences to drive thru document execution, we continue to serve our clients in this new world.

So, if you need legal work done, from a Trust to a new Will along with other related documents, give us a call.  But if you need a need a haircut, don’t call us, just go to your favorite animal groomer, and say Governor Pritzker sent you.  His hair looks pretty good.

America is changing and so are we


At McPherson Law Offices, we are changing with times in order to serve our clients.  We are on our 3rd week of virtual conferences and “drive-thru” signing of estate planning and other documents.  With these new procedures, we can serve clients throughout Illinois, Florida, and Wisconsin.  Although we welcome these changes as a way to better serve our clients, like all of you we will miss the way things were.

In the last 20 years there have been three events which have changed the United States and the quality of life in this country.  The first was 9/11, the second the so-called Great Recession, and now the third, the Coronavirus Pandemic which it appears will kill thousands in this country.   Americans now must stand six feet apart, not shake hands, not congregate in groups of more than 10, no more funeral visitations, no more eating in restaurants, and finally the mandatory closing of non-essential businesses.  Most of these restrictions will end in a month, but some will become part of America.  It may be an America of no handshaking, no hugging, and an acceleration of meetings by telephone or video conferences.   There will fewer annual meetings of organizations, and for that matter, fewer weekly and monthly meetings of clubs.   9/11 created a police state at our airports where American citizens are treated with contempt by a new government bureau, the TSA.  The Great Recession destroyed the hope of many of our citizens for economic security, and now the Coronavirus Pandemic may destroy any feeling of intimacy among the citizens of this country.

Even in this new environment, we will continue to serve our clients.  We may be doing it in new ways, but we will continue to deliver the high caliber of legal serves that our clients need and deserve.  We thank all of you during this time and look forward to seeing you soon whether it is in person or virtually.