Vote for Hartog for Freeport Assessor – Experience That Counts!

I am tired of seeing ads and letters promoting a present employee of the Freeport Assessor’s Office, and referring to this person’s experience in that office. The present Assessor’s policies have single handedly contributed to the poor economic climate and lack of growth in the City of Freeport. Why build a new house or start a new business by building in Freeport when you know you will have to fight every year with the Freeport Assessor about unreasonable assessments placed on your property. For many of us the damage is already done. It is too late. Many have left Freeport due to the unreasonable assessments coupled with the high tax rates. A vote for Meta Ridgeway is a vote to continue the City of Freeport down a path of economic ruin. The present Freeport Assessor’s Office must be cleaned out which means new employees and new attitudes. The citizens of Freeport only want fairness in the assessment process, and this will only happen if Brad Hartog is elected Freeport Assessor.

Trump to Sell Ads on Mexican Border Wall – and Mexico Will Pay for the Ads!

President Trump is keeping one of his campaign promises. He announced today that the wall will be built on the Mexican border, and that the wall will be paid for by the Mexican Government. Mexico has signed a 10-year agreement with the United States to pay for ads on the wall. It is estimated by the Trump administration that the ads will pay for the initial cost of the wall within 6 years, and thereafter be used for maintaining the wall. Any surplus ad revenue after payment of wall expenses will be used for golf scholarships for Mexican students.

Commentary: Is this fake news or alternative facts? You be the judge!

Freeport City Council to Consider Another Nuisance Ordinance and Proposed Water and Sewer Rates on Tuesday, January 17

Alex Mills, Community Development Director, will present an ordinance dealing with tarps, brush piles, and semi-trailers. Terrific Mr. Mills! You are the typical bureaucrat. Propose more laws to justify your existence while not enforcing the laws on the books. On December 12, 2016, I pointed out an obvious ordinance violation on Woodside Drive where fence posts have been placed along the edge of the road. What has been done? Absolutely nothing! When you will not enforce existing ordinances, why pass any more ordinances? Why must someone be injured or killed as result of these fence posts before anything is done?  

 Another interesting item on the Council agenda is a discussion of the proposed water and sewer rates. Freeport home owners should read this over, and they better be prepared to pay over $100 per month soon for water and sewer! See Freeport home owners are used to high real estate taxes. They better get used to high utility rates!  

Some of you may wish to look at the complete agenda


Freeport, Illinois – Previously on Notice of Dangerous Conditions Along Woodside Drive – Now Fence Posts Sprouting on Woodside Drive

Who runs Freeport? How can the Freeport police drive along Woodside Drive, and fail to take action when there is an obvious ordinance violation? Last winter there were fence posts along one side of Woodside Drive, and nothing was done. Now fence posts are on both sides creating a narrow obstacle course for drivers and snow plows. Why must the citizens of this community have to tolerate obvious ordinance violations. The answer is simple. The police and the current administration do not care about many areas of Freeport. It is up to the citizens in certain areas of this community to protect themselves. It is a sorry situation. And to the “Vote Yes for Freeport Group,” I say to you that a City Manager is not the answer, unless the people of Freeport take control of this community, and insist that public officials do their jobs. Until the citizens of this community demand that public officials do their jobs, and when they fail to do them, insist that they be replaced, this community will not be a good place to live.

Airlines Will Soon Introduce “Pay as you Weigh” Airfares!

Some say U.S. based carriers will never charge passengers based on their body weight plus their luggage. Don’t bet on it. The airlines already charge for checked luggage, and if your luggage is over a certain amount such as 50 pounds, you are charged even more. It is even rumored that in the future travel agents will get bonuses if they sell tickets to overweight individuals. Imagine booking flights for “Weight Watchers.” Carriers such as Allegiant charge for everything now from water to early boarding. It won’t take much to the reach the next step – weight based fares! Southwest Airlines advertises that it likes luggage which flies free. I suppose Southwest Airlines will say in the future that it likes fat people who pay the same as everyone else. My kind of airline!