At the Democrat debate on June 27, all of the candidates said they would give free medical care to those in the country illegally.   Don’t you love those politicians who are so generous with our tax dollars!   It’s easy to spot Democrat candidates for President in a crowd.  Just yell “FREE” and they will all raise their hands!

Illinois Governor Has a Nice Gift for Illinois Residents on July 1, 2019 – LOTS AND LOTS OF NEW TAXES AND FEES!

On July 1, 2019 the Illinois State gas tax will double to 38 cents a gallon.    Illinois has lots and lots of new taxes and fees.   The citizens (term used loosely) of Illinois can thank Governor Pritzker for his leadership when it comes to more taxes and spending.   We know that the gas tax is not the issue, but it is just another example of spending out of control.   My advice to Governor Pritzker would be to smile, and then announce his new taxes in Spanish like some presidential candidates.  It would be less painful since most Illinois citizens do not speak Spanish!

Wind Turbine Transport Vehicles Racing Through Freeport Above the Law!

Recently, I witnessed one of the oversized wind turbine transport vehicles heading south along with its escort car following it go through a red light at the corner of Meadows Drive and West Street.  The wind turbine transport vehicle was speeding down West Street when the traffic light turned yellow, and then red when the transport vehicle entered the intersection.  To make matters worse, the escort vehicle also clearly on the red light proceeded through the intersection.  I guess these vehicles (turbine haulers) along with the escort vehicles have a license to travel through Freeport in a reckless manor with total disregard for our traffic laws.   Like the old James Bond movie, the wind turbine vehicles have a License to Kill, at least in Freeport, Illinois.


I was shocked to read a column on June 13, 2019 in the Journal Standard by Chris Enroth, a horticulture educator at the University of Illinois Extension.  He stated among other things that mosquitoes are attracted to the following:

“Carbon dioxide: Yes, every time you exhale, you draw those pesky little blood- suckers closer. Lactic acid: Humans produce lactic acid on our skin, some produce more than others.  High skin temperature.”

By implication, his typical Illinois, bureaucratic, idiotic solution is as follows:

Do not breath when outside.

Reduce skin temperature by taking a bath in ice water prior to going outside.

Only go outside when it is cold and the wind is over 10 miles per hour.

Strap small a fan to your head to blow the mosquitoes away.

Coat your body in repellant which contains at least 40 per cent DEET.

Now for my solution.  Abolish the worthless Freeport Mosquito Protection District.  It was worthless 10 years ago and still is worthless.  It is not worth one dollar of my taxes.   In the alternative if you want to support the worthless Freeport Mosquito Protection District, then forget spraying and buy mosquito suits for all residents of Freeport.

Illinois Governor Pritzker’s “Fair Tax” a Joke without Pension Reform!

Governor Pritzker’s proposed graduated income tax which he calls a “fair tax” is deception at a level which is even horrible by Illinois corrupt standards.  Under his proposed rates the average person would get a very modest tax decrease.  Only one problem, there is nothing to stop the tax and spend politicians in Springfield from raising the rates the next year.   One reason Illinois is in such bad shape is the 3% increase in state pensions each year guaranteed by the Illinois Constitution.    Unless the Governor’s income tax proposal is coupled with a change in the Illinois Constitution eliminating the guaranteed pension increases each year and changing state retirement benefits in Illinois, no income tax changes should be approved by the voters in Illinois.  To make matters worse, the Governor does not address the high real estate taxes paid by residents of this state.  In the long run his “fair tax” is just another Illinois gimmick to fund state government and its guaranteed pensions on the backs of the few remaining workers in the private sector.  Illinois has one of the highest outward migrations of its citizens in the nation, and passage of the fair tax without other reforms will just accelerate this outward migration.  After this punishing winter in Illinois, it’s nice to know that the politicians in Springfield will now start the financial punishment of its citizens.

Good Day Illinois Celebrates National Weatherperson’s Day 2019!

Recently, in Northern Illinois we have not had much to celebrate, but it has been a great time for professionals in the weather forecasting field.    Considering the tools available to forecasters, it is hard to understand that they often cannot predict the weather 24 hours ahead of time.   Personally, I feel that we might as well rely on the groundhog to predict the weather.  This year as is the custom on February 2 at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, people watched the groundhog deliver his forecast.   Good news!  Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, predicting an early spring.   My forecast is also for an early spring which is worth as much as those forecasts by our weather professionals.  In the future let’s combine Groundhog Day and National Weatherperson’s Day since they both have a lot in common – both are right 50% of the time!