Monthly Archives: January 2017

Freeport City Council to Consider Another Nuisance Ordinance and Proposed Water and Sewer Rates on Tuesday, January 17

Alex Mills, Community Development Director, will present an ordinance dealing with tarps, brush piles, and semi-trailers. Terrific Mr. Mills! You are the typical bureaucrat. Propose more laws to justify your existence while not enforcing the laws on the books. On December 12, 2016, I pointed out an obvious ordinance violation on Woodside Drive where fence posts have been placed along the edge of the road. What has been done? Absolutely nothing! When you will not enforce existing ordinances, why pass any more ordinances? Why must someone be injured or killed as result of these fence posts before anything is done?  

 Another interesting item on the Council agenda is a discussion of the proposed water and sewer rates. Freeport home owners should read this over, and they better be prepared to pay over $100 per month soon for water and sewer! See Freeport home owners are used to high real estate taxes. They better get used to high utility rates!  

Some of you may wish to look at the complete agenda