May 30

The Freeport City Manager in his column in the Journal Standard on May 19, 2018, says it would take the City 100 years at the present repair rate to bring the streets up to standards (whatever that means).  On March 5, 2018 it was stated in Good Day Illinois that at the February 20, 2018, the Freeport City Council approved spending $32,250 for pothole software this year (2018), and then $19,250 each year thereafter to maintain the software.  I say cancel this contract.  How can the City spend over $200,000 in the next ten years on pothole reporting software when there is no money to fix the streets?  This City Manager with the collaboration of the Council is playing the taxpayers of this City for fools.  Oh well, what’s new.  Enjoy paying your real estate taxes.



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