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Wisconsin loses to Duke but CBS wins!


I have seen a lot of basketball games, but the national championship game on Monday night was a real winner when it came to commercials.  Sometimes there were commercials after just one minute of play.  One thing for sure, when the game takes almost three hours, the players get plenty of rest when they are playing for only 40 minutes!    There were so many commercials that it even affected your ability to enjoy the game.  Let’s make CBS the National Champion of Commercials – at least for one day!

When You Are in Florida, Golf at Cove Cay Where They Welcome Those Frigid Midwest Golfers!

If you happen to be in Tampa – Clearwater Area of Florida and want to golf, go to Cove Cay Golf Club in Clearwater. The course is beautiful and challenging. If you see our good friends, Pat or Bill Shriver, the new owners, tell them that Malcolm and Heather sent you! The above is a view from the 9th green.

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A Christmas Present From The Tampa Bay Lightning – We Don’t Give a Damn About the Public!

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f09/53155056/files/2014/12/img_3636.jpgIt was reported in the Tampa Bay Times that a when member of the National Hockey League team suffered from a stomach virus, the team member with the virus flew separately from the team (the team must fly on a charter) to Pittsburg on a commercial flight. This way the team member would not contaminate the whole team. That’s nice. Just protect the hockey team and to hell with the other 150 passengers packed in like cattle at the back of the plane. This story is too much to believe. In the spirit of the season professional sports are in class of their own – but what is new!
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Those Players at Northwestern May Be Too Smart for Their Own Good – Let’s Looks Into the Future and See What Will Happen When Student Athletes Unionize.


Players on the men’s badminton team at Conch Shell University, a prestigious east coast Florida school, recently voted to join the Union of College Badminton Players (UCBP). Tuition at Conch Shell is $40,000 per year. Badminton is not revenue producing sport, and in fact it costs the university money each year to fund this sport. The first offer to the union is $55,000 per year – that is each badminton player must pay the university this amount each year for the privilege of playing on the badminton team.

Basketball players at the same university have unionized and are paid $75,000 per year with $40,000 going towards tuition. Conch Shell has high admission standards and most students are in the upper 5% of those taking the SAT. The Supreme Court has ruled based on the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution that basketball players must meet the same academic qualifications as other entering students. As a result, the basketball program is now losing money since they have not had a winning record in the last five years. The best players go to other schools with lower admission standards, and higher payments to athletes. Conch Shell University is now considering abolishing all of its sports programs. So much for unionization of college sports. >

Congratulations to Wisconsin Badgers for Making It to the Final Four!

Wisconsin with its win over Arizona has advanced to the Final Four for the first time since 2000.

Good Luck to Wisconsin – Its next game is against Kentucky Saturday night, April 5, at 7:49 pm on CBS. Prior to the Wisconsin game, Florida plays UConn.


Congratulations to Area Sports Teams!

The Freeport Girls’ Swim Team won the Sectional Meet at Byron for the second year in a row – next stop State Meet at New Trier High School in Winnetka, November 22 & 23

Semifinal Boys’ Football Games, all on November 23:
Class 1A – Chicago Leo at Lena-Winslow 2:00 pm

Class 4A – Rockford Lutheran at Geneseo 1:00 pm

Class 6A – Batavia at Rockford Boylan 1:00 pm

If your team keeps winning, then plan on the championship games at Huskie Stadium in DeKalb:
Friday November 29:
Class 1A 10:00 am November 29
Class 4A 7:00 pm November 29
Class 6A 1:00 pm November 30


Packer Fans Don’t Care – They Want to Watch the Bears Play Today (Sunday Nov 10)!

Packers (Philadelphia) and Bears (Detroit) play today on Fox at 12:00 pm. Of course, if you Packer fans have Comcast, no game for you! Remember, as of October 16, the Madison station which showed Packer games was deleted from the Comcast channel line up in Freeport! The City of Freeport receives $375,000 in cable television taxes from Comcast.