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Outage Status: As of 2:09 PM on 7/20/2017 we indicate that 40 customer(s) are affected by a power outage in your area. Severe weather has interrupted your service. Our field crews have investigated your outage and have determined that additional resources are necessary to restore power. We are currently in the process of estimating when service will be restored.

 Outage Status: As of 4:06 PM on 7/20/2017 we indicate that 40 customer(s) are affected by a power outage in your area. Severe weather has interrupted your service. Our field crews have investigated your outage and have determined that additional resources are necessary to restore power. The preliminary restore time is 7:00 AM on 7/21/2017.

 The power was off in some areas of Freeport since 8:12 p.m. last night (Wednesday July 19). During the day on Thursday, July 20, ComEd could not or would not provide its customers with an estimate of when service would be restored. Around 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 20 ComEd finally estimated that power would be restored around 7:00 a.m. Friday, July 21. 35 hours with no power, but who real cares! In the meantime, people waited while their food rotted not knowing when power would be restored. It’s too bad ComEd doesn’t care about Freeport, but it is even worse that the City Administration did nothing to advise residents of the situation. Oh well, I guess Freeport is too busy tearing down houses, creating new TIF’s to shift the real estate tax burden to homeowners and small businesses, and hiring new police personnel. Obviously, some areas of Freeport are more important than others. I guess the affected areas just are not important.

Allegiant Air – The Best Kept Secret in Northwest Illinois – And I Don’t Mean a Good Secret!


Another Allegiant Air flight at St. Pete – Clearwater International Airport aborted its takeoff on March 4, 2017.   The Tampa Bay Times ran an article on November 2, 2016 entitled “Breakdown at 30,000 feet,” and everyone who flies Allegiant Air should read this article.   When will news outlets in Northwest Illinois start reporting the facts on Allegiant Air?   Will it take another ValuJet incident for people to wake up?    I hope not.

Allegiant Air Update – Same Plane Two Emergency Landings in 24 Hours! When Will the Media in Northwest Illinois Report the Problems with Allegiant?

This posting is an update to the previous posting. It is hard to believe, but it is being reported that the plane that made an emergency on June 1 is the same plane that made an emergency landing today (June 2). It is even being reported that it was the same mechanical issue both days! For God’s sake, what kind of airline is this? A plane makes an emergency landing one day, and the next day it is back in service and not repaired. See Tampa Bay Times article at

Also, see news report on Fox 13, Tampa at


Allegiant Air Two Emergency Landings in Two Days – Allegiant Air Problems Best Kept Secret in Rockford and Northwest Illinois!

Local Newspapers and TV stations in Northwest Illinois continue to ignore safety issues at Allegiant Air. This morning an Allegiant flight to Stewart-Newburg Airport in New York from Clearwater, Florida made an emergency landing at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport. Fox Channel 13 reported this morning (June 2) that the plane had hydraulic issues, and spent an hour circling in the Gulf dumping fuel. Fortunately, the plane made a safe landing. See the television report of Channel 13, Tampa, Florida at

What makes this matter even worse is that this is the second emergency at St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport by an Allegiant plane in two days. Channel 8 in Tampa, Florida reported that on Wednesday (June 1) Allegiant flight 871 made an emergency landing after declaring an emergency due to a mechanical issue.     

Allegiant flight returns to St. Pete-Clearwater for emergency landing

See postings on Good Day Illinois on May 9 and January 25, 2016 on safety issues at Allegiant Air. What will it take for local media to report these issues?


  You thought you only had to worry about the West Nile virus spread by mosquitoes biting infected birds. We also have Lyme disease being spread by ticks biting infected animals, especially deer, which in the City of Freeport, Illinois are running rampant throughout the City as evidenced by deer crossing signs in the middle of the City. Frankly, when I see such signs, it always amazes me because I did not know that deer could read. Now, we have the Zika virus which is also spread by mosquitoes, and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) predicts these infected mosquitoes will be in the Midwest this summer. It looks like the only safe place will be inside until the first killing frost in the fall which will kill the mosquitoes. It has been rumored that alcohol in the blood in the range of .02, well under the legal limit of .08, will cause mosquitoes which bite individuals with some alcohol in their blood to lose their sense of direction and fall to the ground. The CDC is researching the effects of alcohol on mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus, and will report its conclusions shortly. Perhaps, the CDC will soon recommend a drink day will keep the Zika away! 

Northern Illinois Safe for Now from Zika Virus! Trump Says Build that Wall and Keep Those Mosquitoes Out.

 The disease is spread through mosquitoes and in the winter in Northern Illinois mosquitoes are not a problem. No locally transmitted Zika cases have been reported in the continental United States, but cases have been reported in returning travelers. Locally transmitted cases have been reported in Mexico, Brazil, other South American countries, and Puerto Rico. It sounds like another good reason to build the Trump Wall between Mexico and the United States, although it will probably not be high enough to keep those mosquitoes out. 
 A Houston woman described what it was like to be infected with the Zika virus during a trip to El Salvador over Christmas. Lizzie Morales told ABC’s Houston station KTRK-TV that she spent a week experiencing the extreme fatigue, nausea and a large rash that covered her body.

“You have no strength or energy to sit down. You just want to lay down and sleep,” she told KTRK-TV.

Morales said she had fatigue for a week and nausea towards the end of her virus.

“Christmas Eve, I was scratching. My chest, bumps on my lips, eyes, ears,” she said.

For description of the symptoms go to the CDC website at

Local Northwest Illinois Papers Fail to Report Allegiant Air Problems!

The Rockford Register Star and The Journal Standard have not reported on a consistent basis the problems that Allegiant Air has had during this last year. One paper that has reported the problems with Allegiant is the Tampa Bay Times. A recent article stated that one of Allegiant’s planes was involved in four emergency landings in a six week period. 

Allegiant had five emergency landings on flights from Florida in a one week period during the holidays this year.

A very serious incident occurred on August 17 in Las Vegas. The report by KNTV in Las Vegas began as follows:

 “Is Allegiant Air a tragedy waiting to happen? That’s what aviation experts are wondering as the Federal Aviation Administration investigates the latest mechanical failure at the Las Vegas-based carrier.” See the report at

Allegiant is the major carrier serving the Rockford, Illinois airport. Without Allegiant there would be practically no commercial service at this airport. Passengers flying out of Rockford need to know the facts about this airline. Read the articles and watch KNTV report, and then you decide if you want to fly this airline.