You thought you only had to worry about the West Nile virus spread by mosquitoes biting infected birds. We also have Lyme disease being spread by ticks biting infected animals, especially deer, which in the City of Freeport, Illinois are running rampant throughout the City as evidenced by deer crossing signs in the middle of the City. Frankly, when I see such signs, it always amazes me because I did not know that deer could read. Now, we have the Zika virus which is also spread by mosquitoes, and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) predicts these infected mosquitoes will be in the Midwest this summer. It looks like the only safe place will be inside until the first killing frost in the fall which will kill the mosquitoes. It has been rumored that alcohol in the blood in the range of .02, well under the legal limit of .08, will cause mosquitoes which bite individuals with some alcohol in their blood to lose their sense of direction and fall to the ground. The CDC is researching the effects of alcohol on mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus, and will report its conclusions shortly. Perhaps, the CDC will soon recommend a drink day will keep the Zika away! 

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