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It’s Been a Bad Day – The Stock Market Is Still Falling, Your Car Has Been Recalled, and Then Your Dog Was Rejected for Doggie Daycare!

  … and then you get home and check your mail. There is a letter from the local doggie daycare center advising you that your dog has been rejected for the daycare program due to your dog’s inability to socialize with other dogs. What should you do? Do you need a lawyer? The answer is simple – call the daycare center and ask for a personal interview for your dog. Prep you dog for the interview. Your dog must not only look good, but be sure he gets enough rest before his interview so he is mentally ready for difficult questions. If your dog is having anxiety attacks, see your dog’s doctor and get a prescription for anxiety medication such as Xanax. And most important – remember that you are also being interviewed. You do not want your dog to fail as a result of your attitude and your failure to address your dog’s problems. Good Luck!