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What Has Happened to Our Banks – Treating Customers Like Criminals.


Once upon a time, banks wanted deposits.

Once upon a time, banks paid interest on money deposited.

Once upon a time, bank employees treated customers with respect.

Once upon a time, banks valued their customers and actually made loans to help them buy a home or start a business.

Today, banks don’t care about deposits from customers. In fact they question every check being deposited.

Today, banks treat their customers with contempt as if they were criminals.

Today, banks only make loans so they can sell them and make a profit – they don’t care about helping the local economy!

If you complain about the practices at your local branch bank of Big Bank, Inc., you are told that government regulations are the reason for the banks treating customers like criminals.

Of course, the banks should know a criminal when they see one. You know the old expression, it takes one to know one! If I remember correctly, it was not the average citizen of this country who was responsible for the financial meltdown in 2008. It was caused by greedy bankers and crooked stockbrokers on Wall Street – not people on main street.

By the way if you complain, Big Bank, Inc. will just tell you to leave and take your money with you. Of course, you will be charged an exit fee for early withdrawal!

God Save the Queen – America Gives Piers Morgan Back to Great Britain!

A sad day for America. It is being reported that Piers Morgan, Larry King’s replacement, will soon be leaving CNN after three years. His pompous, elitism will certainly be missed by his American audience! Let’s all chip in and buy him a ticket back to Great Britain. It’s rumored that Jay Leno is looking for job. At least we would be entertained instead of being punished every night.

Homeland Security Considers Issuing Travel Warning for Florida!


If you plan on going to Florida, it is rumored that Homeland Security is considering issuing a travel warning for Florida warning visitors to be careful in Florida and especially to avoid the following:

Do not text in movie theatres. Texting can aggravate other people watching the movie, and these people could feel their lives are threatened. In self-defense, they could shoot you.

Do not play loud music in your car. Loud music can aggravate people in other vehicles, and these people could feel their lives are threatened by the loud music. In self-defense, they could shoot you.

If you see Mickey Mouse, do not fondle his ears. Such conduct can aggravate people, and these people could feel their lives are threatened. In self-defense, they could shoot you.

In summary, if you are in Florida, the best policy would be to stay in your room or if you must go to the beach, be quiet and do not text or play loud music. If you just use some common sense, you can survive a trip to Florida

The Nation Celebrates Martin Luther King’s Birthday and Legacy on January 20

On November 2, 1983, former President Ronald Reagan signed into law House of Representatives Bill Number 3706 declaring January 15, the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., a national holiday. His birthday is now observed on the third Monday of January.

In Freeport there will be a celebration of his birthday at the Boys and Girls Club at 511 S. Liberty Avenue, Freeport at 5 pm. The community is invited to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King through song, dance and praise. Praise and worship service from 5 to 6 pm, and the program begins at 6:15 pm with the theme “Strength to Love” with Rev. Dr. Kenneth Board, Pilgrim Baptist Church, Rockford as guest speaker. 815.233.1600

Local Weather Forecaster in Running for America’s Favorite Forecaster!

Eric Sorenson of WREX TV in Rockford is presently number two in the voting which ends January 17.

Weatherist which is sponsoring the contest will be donating $500 to the winning forecaster’s favorite charity – and Eric’s favorite charity is Freeport’s own Friends for Ever Humane Society.
Let’s get voting because he is presently a few thousand votes behind.

Vote for Eric at

Heather McPherson of McPherson Law Offices, Freeport, Illinois Authors Article for Illinois State Bar Association

When you of think decanting, you think of wine when you transfer the contents of a wine bottle into another receptable before serving which makes the wine taste better. In the estate and trust area, the term refers to transferring assets from one irrevocable trust to another trust. Many other states had statutes permitting decanting under certain circumstances, and as of January 1, 2013 Illinois has its own statute. Heather McPherson has written an article entitled “Pour Me Another Trust” which was published in the November issue of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Elder Law Section Newsletter. The article describes the circumstances where decanting would be beneficial, and how it is actually done. This is just another tool that experienced estate planners can use to be sure that the intentions of their clients are carried out by their estate planning documents. As Heather states in the article “Decanting is a great tool for practitioners to use in one’s estate, trust, and elder law practice, because it allows trusts that could otherwise not be changed to be rewritten to adjust to changed circumstances, as well as for corrections to trusts that were poorly drafted.”