It’s Spring Time in Freeport – The Deer Have Taken Over South Freeport and Alderman Tom Klemm of the 1st Ward Proposes That It Be Turned into a Nature Preserve!


Under the leadership of Tom Klemm who represents the 1st Ward, the area south of Yellow Creek has continued to deteriorate.  Forget planting new shrubs, tulips, or anything edible since the deer have taken over.   Forget fixing the roads.  The remaining human inhabitants on the south side drive all-terrain vehicles – they just don’t need roads any more.  They like paying high taxes for nothing.   Mr. Klemm has been on notice of this condition and the destruction this portion of his Ward, and has done nothing.  At least Jennie DeVine did something for her constituents – wish them “happy birthday.”   We now have four new council members, and the smartest thing they can do is to ignore Tom Klemm.  As for turning the south side of Freeport into a nature preserve, it is a proposal with merit.   It would certainly reflect reality.    In fact we could call it “KLEMM’S NATURE PRESERVE.”  Oh well, that really is enough to make you sick!  

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