Looks Like No Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) for Our Senior Citizens on Social Security in 2016 – But Don’t Worry Illinois State Retirees Will Not Sacrifice!


While retirees on social security have received little or no increases in benefits in recent years, Illinois state retirees in the generous and bankrupt State of Illinois have continued to receive annual 3% increases. In fact retirees on social security received no increase in 2010 and 2011. See http://time.com/money/3903601/social-security-interest-rates-2016/

When the rest of the country suffered during the great recession, Illinois state retirees continued to see their benefits escalate. Many State retirees after a few years of retirement are making more than they were making when working at their state jobs. No wonder they all want to retire at 50, and move to Florida to collect their Illinois pensions while working at new jobs! Oh well, let’s increase taxes in Illinois. We all want our state retirees to have a comfortable retirement in Florida. 

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