Not One Cent for Woodside Drive, Woodside Kort, or Woodside Circle – But Lots of Money for New Sidewalks and Streets Downtown!

  City crews are busy putting in new sidewalks around the public parking lot across from the post office. Freeport has plenty of money and the street department plenty of time when it comes to maintaining the downtown area and other areas of the city. At the council meeting on July 20, Alderman Chesney asked the Freeport City Engineer when they would be working on Woodside Drive. He mumbled something – basically no real timeline. It cannot wait one year much less five or ten years. As usual Tom Klemm, the 1st ward alderman, who represents this area, said nothing and does nothing. The residents in this area have limited options when it comes to addressing the total lack of road maintenance in this area. Many of them have already exercised one of the options – sell your home and leave Freeport. That may be the only solution! A downtown with good streets and sidewalks is great, but it will do little good if residents keep leaving the city.

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