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Kate Steinle Was Buried Thursday – She Was Murdered in San Francisco, A So Called “Sanctuary City” That Not Only Tolerates Illegal Aliens Who Are Convicted Felons, But Welcomes Them!

  As we all know, Kate Steinle, a 32 year old woman, was gunned down next to her father in San Francisco by not only an illegal alien, but a convicted felon. San Francisco is a city run by a bunch of kooks and always has been. Now it is a city that not only tolerates illegal aliens, but welcomes them. It is a city where illegal aliens who are convicted felons can murder residents and visitors to the city, and the local government blames the rest of the country for its oppressive policies in regard to illegal aliens. It’s time the rest of America woke up – forget California and San Francisco – they will not change.

What is one solution? San Francisco does understand that much of its economy depends on tourists and business meetings. This country needs to maintain a list of cities where the local governments do not enforce the laws of this country. Call it the “Lawless American Cities” list or LAC! Let’s start the list. Visitors to these cities should be on notice that criminal activity is tolerated and that law abiding citizens are at risk. This week we will add San Francisco to the list. The federal government maintains a “No Fly List” and a list of countries that sponsor terrorism, but unfortunately the federal government cannot maintain the “Lawless American Cities” list because it is part of the problem. It has done nothing when a city in this country fails to enforce the immigration laws of this nation. The Obama Administration is very selective when it comes to enforcing the laws of this nation. It does no good to pass more laws when existing laws are not enforced. Ask the parents of Kate Steinle – they know who counts in this country – and it’s not white women.

Tired of Plastic Bags Littering the Countryside – San Francisco and Other Communities Are Doing Something About Them!

20140323-214823.jpgGo down any street in most American Cities and you see old plastic bags along along the streets. Not too many years ago all stores gave you paper bags which would disintegrate in the land fills. These plastic bags will take 1000 years to breakdown in a landfill. Recycling is one answer, and would certainly contribute to reducing the problem. Today only a small per cent of the bags are recycled with rest ending up our landfills and and even in our oceans. San Francisco has banned plastic bags. You go into a store, and you must furnish your own bag or pay a minimum of 10 cents for a compostable or recylable bag. Perhaps, it is time for the rest of the country to follow San Francisco’s example.

Good Day Illinois Reports That San Francisco Is Getting Ready for the Holidays!

It still looks fall like in Northwest Illinois, but soon all over the country we will be decorating for the holidays.

Pictures below show snow flakes on lamp posts on Market Street, Ferry Building, Bay Bridge, and Gold Gate Bridge.