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Medical Marijuana – My Gun or My Pot That Is The Question!


The State of Illinois makes everything difficult. The new law dealing with medical marijuana went into effect January 1, 2014. The Department of Public Health has posted online 48 pages of draft rules to implement the new law. A good overview of the law can be found at http://www.mpp.org/states/illinois/IllinoisHB1BillSummary.pdf

If you want to read all of the proposed rules, then go to

Click to access DPH%20medical%20cannabis_DRAFT%20proposed%20rule%2001%2021%2014.pdf

If you want to keep your guns, forget it if you want to qualify for medical marijuana. Part of the proposed rule says:

That the applicant understands that a qualifying patient or designated caregiver with a current Firearm Owners Identification Card or a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit who is approved for a registry identification card shall be in violation of and may not possess firearms under relevant state and federal law. As such, registered qualifying patients and designated caregivers are not eligible for a Firearm Owners Identification Card or a Firearm Concealed Carry License and may be subject to administrative proceedings by the Illinois State Police if they do not voluntarily surrender such card or license.

I guess that means that if someone tries to take your medical marijuana at gun point, the criminals will have a license to kill you since they know you are defenseless.


Recently, it was said that Good Morning Illinois would report on Freeport City Council meetings since the Journal Standard did not report on the meetings. There is a good reason the Journal Standard does not report on said meetings – they are not worth a reporter’s time.
Here is summary of the meeting on July 1, 2013:

Public Comments: 4 individuals spoke in support of making Chicago Avenue a two way street. Again a big issue was the placement of the mail boxes on the street.

Public Hearing on Appropriation Ordinance: Absolutely no one commented on it. No written comments and no public comments. No comments from alderman. Enough said. Everything is perfect in Freeport!

Second reading of several ordinances:

Maintaining electric rate tax – No discussion. This Council has not seen a tax it does not like.

Chicago Avenue two way street – much discussion by Council on effective date of ordinance and mail boxes on street. If only this council would spend as much time on the rest of the community considering the problems facing it. For example all of this time spent discussing Chicago Avenue when many other streets in this community are not safe to drive on due to their poor condition. ENOUGH SAID. YOU DECIDE WHAT IS IMPORTANT!

Appropriation Ordinance – discussed by a few Council members. Big issue an increase to the Mayor’s expense account which was approved by the Council. Also, discussion of $100,000 budgeted to tear down houses. The Mayor indicated if they had more revenue than anticipated, it could be diverted to tearing down houses! NO DISCUSSION OF OTHER AREAS IN FREEPORT SUCH AS THE HORRIBLE CONDITION OF THE STREETS. HOW SAD IT IS!

Reports of Department Heads:

Fire Chief – Announced his retirement at the meeting. Freeport thanks him for a job well done.

City Engineer – appears oblivious to problems facing Freeport. He lives in German Valley and serves as a Trustee for that community. Draw your own conclusion!

On a very serious note:

The Mayor and Police Chief discussed the recent murder. Both indicated that it will take the community’s help to solve this crime. Silence will only encourage further conduct of this nature. Unfortunately, one alderman stated that the citizens of Freeport should understand that no neighborhood will be safe in Freeport if this conduct is allowed to continue. How stupid does he think we are. Threats by this alderman in this case are disgusting. Spend less time on Chicago Avenue and more on the real issues facing this community. Talk is cheap – but in this case deadly.

Next Freeport Council meeting is July 15, 2013.