Attention Freeport Residents – If Your Real Estate Taxes Are Too High Because Your Property Is Valued Higher Than Its Market Value – You Must Act Now – If your Property Assessment Is Too Low, You Do Not Live in Freeport!

If you live in Freeport, you must file your appeal with the Board of Review by October 11, 2013. For many in Freeport, property values have fallen and assessments have not been lowered. You will not receive a notice unless your assessment has been changed. Watch out! Most assessments have not been lowered over the last few years while property values have plummeted.

Residential Complaint forms available at

The bureaucrats in Illinois do not make it easy to complain about your taxes. It is a time consuming process and the Freeport Assessor will fight you every step of the way.
The picture is the new Freeport Township Offices which now is the subject of litigation at taxpayer expense. Wow that takes a lot of nerve. Buy a building and then litigate whether they had the authority to purchase it!


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