Welcome to Good Day Illinois!

Summer as finally arrived in Northwest Illinois. Get out there and enjoy the weather!

Some thoughts on taxes and gas prices!

Wisconsin is cutting income taxes, and Illinois has raised the income tax 67% in the last couple of years. Compare Illinois to Florida. Florida has a balanced state budget, no income tax, sales taxes that in most areas are lower than Illinois, no estate tax, state pensions under control, and to top it off on average much lower real estate taxes. The Illinois solution – raise taxes so government can spend more. In difficult economic times, the taxing bodies in most counties in Illinois including most in Stephenson County have continued to raise taxes since 2007.

Residential home owners in the City of Freeport in an era of falling prices see their real estate taxes going up and most assessments staying the same not reflecting the drop in values. Small business owners who own real estate have seen their taxes increase drastically. Most commercial assessments do not reflect the drastic drop in values. In states like Florida, assessments are adjusted yearly to reflect the changes in value. Residential and commercial real estate in Florida have fallen in value and the real estate taxes reflect this change in value. Why not in the City of Freeport?

In the past there was group in leadership positions in the City of Freeport who took the position – if you do not like high taxes coupled with deteriorating conditions in the community, you should leave. Unfortunately, many have left with fewer and fewer taxpayers remaining.

Are gas prices high in Freeport, Illinois? Compare and reach your own conclusion.

Price per Gallon 6-7-13

Tampa, Florida $ 3.37

Albany, New York: $ 3.64

US Average $ 3.64

Quad Cities $ 3.77

Los Angeles, California $ 3.97

Madison, Wisconsin $ 3.99

Freeport, Illinois $ 4.19

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