Dumb Statement of the month

At the Freeport City Council Meeting on June 3 one alderman said that the tax rates are high, but not to blame the City since its share of the tax bill is just around 10% of the total. How dumb does he think we are? Freeport also taxes electricity, natural gas, telephones, cable television, gasoline, real estate sales, general sales tax on most purchases (2.25%), and a special tax on restaurant meals including that hamburger at Culvers or McDonalds! Don’t forget that Freeport gets a portion of the Illinois income tax you pay which was recently raised 67%. Look at the special fees on your water bill for capital improvements. These are just a few of the other taxes! There are many more. If you live in Freeport, ask your alderman to give you a list of all Freeport taxes including fees which are actually taxes! Ask you alderman to read them into the record at the next council meeting!

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