Freeport City Council Approves $10,000 Agreement for Fehr-Graham to Check Crack Filling! Yes, Sadly We Are Serious

The following are the highlights of the Freeport City Council Meeting on July 15:

2013 -2014 Appropriation Ordinance approved by Council 7 – 0.

Resolution approved for Fehr-Graham to check street crack filing at a cost of $10,000. City Engineer said he did not have time to check the crack filing. Approved by a 7 – 0 vote. Wow $10,000 to check cracks!

Resolution approved (7 – 0 again) for Fehr-Graham to check micro surfacing overlay work done on streets at a cost of 5% of the bid. City Engineer said bids are not in yet, so he did not know how much Fehr-Graham would be paid. Interesting – bids are taken on resurfacing, but not on engineers to check resurfacing! Hard to understand! City Engineer must not have time to check resurfacing work! In fact the City Engineer is probably too busy driving around town looking for cracks to fill so Fehr-Graham can then drive around to be sure they are properly filled.

Comments of Department Heads:

Community Development – Indicated Rawleigh bids in and were under estimates. What does that mean?

Finance Director – predicted a surplus of at least $122,000 for last fiscal year.

Water & Sewer – Burchard water tower should be painted in next 3 weeks

City Engineer – No update given on City and old library building though he indicated inspections done. Will report at August meeting. Perhaps he will hire Fehr-Graham to evaluate reports!

Mayor – Blackburn appointed interim fire chief (90 days).

Council Comments:

DeVine – said fireworks really good!

Koester – volunteered his talents to help find a new fire chief.

Klemm – Commented on Mayor’s 6 point crime plan. He indicated that Freeport did not get in trouble overnight and it would take time to solve the crime problem. How long has he been an alderman? He sure was there when the past failed policies were taking place!

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